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11 Things You Should Never Do to Your Car

Mar 16, 2019, 4:11 pm / Abigail Williams

Owning a car is full of pleasures and responsibility. To get the pleasures at the best level, you need to perform all your responsibilities accordingly. A lot of car owners unknowingly do a lot of harms to the car and those slowly lead towards great damages and huge repairing expense. It has been noticed that often owners try some Do It Yourself hacks in order to repair or enable adding car protection but end up by damaging the car more.

Without any doubt your car is a great investment, you have spent your hard earned money on this purpose. And that's why you cannot tolerate any single mistake by yourself which causes damage to your car. But you are not properly sure exactly what not to do with your car. Let's discuss those here in the below section-

Never Leave Your Car Under the Sun Without Any Shelter- Leaving your car directly under the sun ray can cause multiple damages to it. The most common damage form is cracking! You can notice cracks in the dashboard and seats. Often owners find cracks in the steering wheel too. The paint can get fade away and look so dull that you wish to paint it instantly. Along with these, a major safety system, airbags also get damaged due to too much warmth. In order to avoid these problems, you can take help of a portable car cover. According to the experts, the car cover is a great way to offer shelter to your car and save it from the sunray damages. In this case, Lanmodo car protection cover has been proven its practicality by many users. It is a mobile car cover that provides portable shed to the car everywhere you park the car on. The roof canopy of this car cover is made of silver coating Oxford cloth, which is sun proof, waterproof and durable. If you get an automatic one then it will take just 8 seconds to open or close with the remote control. The foldable structure and light weight make it a small size package to easily store in the truck or carry around. Under its shelter, you can park your car wherever you like.

Never Overfill the Tires to 'Get Better Gas Mileage'- People often think that overfilling the tires will offer them extra mileage but it is a completely wrong idea. Overfilling the tires can lead to unwanted leaks at any time.

Avoid Using the Wrong Coolant- Never use the wrong Coolant/Antifreeze otherwise it can cause the vehicle to overheat.

Avoid Mixing up- Never mix up brake fluid and power steering fluid and most of the people get confused here. These two fluids are completely different in nature and are there for different purposes.

Never Use a Universal Fluid in Your Power Steering or Transmission- You cannot use the same type fluid for all the cars. Every car is unique and you should follow the suggested ways. From the manuals, you will get the right type of use worthy fluid easily.

Never Disconnect a Battery Cable to Test the Alternator- Maybe it was accepted in the past days as a way of proving the alternators ability. But now this technique is not appreciated anymore. Accelerating this type of task can instantly damage the car computers and other expensive devices.

Never Drive When Your Oil Light is little- When you notice the low oil pressure warning light you should stop driving as soon as possible. It is always feasible if you can take spare oil in the car for such a emergency situation when the oil runs out and you are far away from the gas station.

Never Drive with Less Than a Quarter Tank of Gas- You should also keep this fact in your concern otherwise it can lead towards to fuel pump failure.

Never Use the Wrong Oil- Using the wrong oil can damage the check engine light instantly.

Never Use Dishwashing Detergent to Wash Your Car- A lot of people use this type of detergent to clean their cars. But using this kind of detergent can damage the shine and lifespan of the car paint.

Never Neglect the Dipstick- Checking the dipstick helps you to know that your car needs more oil or not.

If you never do these eleven activities to your car then you can easily expand the lifespan of your car without any doubt.

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