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Why Your Car Needs An Outdoor Car Canopy?

Mar 11, 2019, 4:52 pm / Brian Lageose
We understand the fact that it's not possible to protect your car from encountering the natural hazards in maximum cases. But does that mean you will not make the effort to save it against the bad effects of the natural environment? Just the way human needs protection and shelter to stay safe, your car needs a shelter especially in the case when it is parked outside. Minimal damages are basically unavoidable, and we need to take advantage of protection measures for diminishing the potential harm to protect our cars. An outdoor car canopy can be a wonderful solution to this problem.

Elements responsible for damages caused to outside parked car

  1. Scorching Heat of Sun and UV Damage: Doctors recommend us to soak the body under the sun as it makes human skin healthy and sunshine makes people happy. But things turn different for cars. Cars face some poor effects due to scorching heat and harmful UV rays of the sun. Sun exposure causes a bad impact on car's paint and sometimes makes it bubble, and force paint to peel off from the car surface. UV rays are equally bad for car's interior!
  2. Rain: Next in line natural element responsible for car damages is rain. Many believe that the rainwater will wash off the car and make it clean without much effort on our hand. But that is completely wrong. It will turn the car look much dirtier than before. The pollutants present in rainwater will stick to the car after the rain stops and after the water gets evaporated. Car finishing may get badly damaged causing scars and permanent wearing of the car exterior. Even the car electrical can also get badly damaged.
  3. Dents, Dings, and Scratches: Life seems devastating when you discover the very first dent, ding or even the scratch on the new vehicle. The fact is that a strong cover on the vehicle will not give the guarantee to protect it. Well, an outdoor carport canopy will give an extra protective padding to stay protected against the absent-minded opening of car doors or any other type of light blows given by other cars in the open parking area of your apartment.
  4. Low temperature and snow: Snow just like rain can cause serious exterior damages to car's surface. Hard ice can turn out to be highly dangerous for car body leading to serious damages. The snow when melts may cause rust. If you fail to remove the rust carefully then, it may lead to severe damages like cracks and even holes in the body of the car.
  5. The bird drops: It is one of the common problems faced by almost all car owners. Bird droppings are enriched with uric acid which causes damage to car surface.
The carport will help to safeguard the car from all the above hazards in the best possible manner.

Disadvantages of garages and fixed carports used for car protection

A carport is actually covered structure which is used to offer some limited protection to vehicles, especially cars, from the harmful effects of rain, sun and snow majorly. The structure can either be free standing or remains attached to the wall. In general, the carport does not have four walls, and most have one or two and sometimes nil walls. Lanmodo outdoor car canopy is a free-standing carport installed right at the roof of the vehicle and can be operated using the remote.Garages and general carports are fixed in nature and not easy to move wherever you go. Most of the time cars remain parked outdoor without shelter and so chances of getting damaged by natural elements exist.

Advantages of Lanmodo Outdoor Car Canopy

The designing of the Lanmodo outdoor car canopy is done in a very practical way so that user can take advantage of it without making much effort.
  1. This car tent is simple to install and can be done with one-touch wireless remote.
  2. Automatically folding and unfolding can be done using remote control.
  3. It opens up in less than 8 seconds and installation process takes no more than 30 seconds.
  4. Keeps the interior of car cool during summer.
  5. Protects Car from damages caused due to hail & falling objects.
  6. Designed using an anti-theft system.
  7. It's a windproof system.
  8. Fits shape and size of various vehicles and cars.
  9. Easy to clean and carry, which makes it convenient for you to use it anytime and anywhere.
Lanmodo outdoor car canopy proved to be a gift for that group of people who prefers to give the desired outdoor protection and care to the car in an improved and advanced manner.

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