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Why You Should Protect Your Car from Weather-Related Damage?

Mar 6, 2019, 6:09 pm / Lara
When you plan to buy a car there are so many things that go inside your mind. Which car will be the best for me? Can I go that extra mile to buy my dream car even it costs me a bit high? Like these there are too many questions which go inside our mind and lastly when we end up buying our car we feel like achieving a milestone.

What are those weather conditions which can affect the health of the car badly?

Buying the car is not enough as we need to plan for the protection of the car especially when it is in parking lot. Use of car protection cover is a must to protect it from bad effects of different weather on it.

Heat: Hot sunny weather especially in the summer months and the harmful UV rays takes a toll on the paint of the car. It not only damages car paint but also increases the probability of tire explosion. Piercing rays of the sun also causes serious damages to those body parts of the car which are made of plastic.

Cold: Just like summer months there are some drawbacks with the winter months also. Snowfall on the cars also affects the quality of car paint. When the car remains parked for long hours the engine faces difficulty in starting. Because of poor fuel evaporation chances of the viscosity and density of gasoline increase remains. The flow of air became poor, and that what leads to increase in surface tension, so it makes it difficult to atomize. The air present inside the car actually affects the health of the interior of the car and passengers inside it. One needs to pay attention to the internal and external circulation under the low temperature weather.

Snow: One of the seriously harmful natural elements which can damage the paint of the car is snow. It can actually cause serious corrosion on car paint, chassis as well as in the tires. The layer of snow which falls on the car remains too thick and sometimes freezes the car if not cleaned well in time. Especially the snow remains too thick to get clear from the car roof.

Rain: Next in line is rain and especially the one with hail stones can cause serious damage to any car or vehicle, if right protection is not given to it. Rain Water in most of the cases remains mixed with dust and pollutants, and in the long run the paint turns dark in color with rain marks, oxidation, and even with sign of cracking can be seen because of the rain water. You will also see damp and mildew in vehicle and breeds bacteria in car interior during the rainy season. Driving on rainy days will blur your vision and cause a lot of accidents.

So what are the ways to protect your car from weather-related damage?

Well there are many options to protect your car. Below are few of them:
  1. Make immediate cleaning of the car right after rain, snow fall, and storm and similar other weather condition. The dirt and dust which accumulates on car surface will get removed with immediate cleaning.
  2. Wax or film coating on the car surface will protect the car paint from fading because of the harmful UV rays, bird droppings, air pollutants, dirt and dust.
  3. Find a sunshade parking spot, even if only a small piece of tree is there in your parking area to block the rays of sun, rain, snow etc.
  4. Make used of a car cover to cover the whole car and this method can be used for longer parking time. You can invest in a portable car canopy to protect car, it can be best to keep car from heat, cold snow and rain.

If you are ready with the last option then get a mobile car protection cover like Lanmodo car protection cover to protect car. It is one of the best car protection cover available in the market which is loved and appreciated by many car owners. It is designed just like a car protection umbrella that full shelter car. It is portable in nature and mobile so that can be used everywhere as well as anytime and is best for outdoor protection. It is suitable for different cars. Installation, opening and closing can be done with use of remote control. It takes bare minimum 30s to install and 8s each for opening and closing. The product is affordably priced to bring it within the range of all car owners from different sections of the society.

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