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Why Portable Car Canopy is Popular?

Mar 6, 2019, 4:54 pm / Evelyn Smith
Portability has a way of guaranteeing convenience. That is one of the reasons why people often go for portable car canopy. So, if convenience is among the things that made you buy your car you should think of getting a portable protection for your car also. That will help to ensure the aim for buying your car is not defeated. Just read through to learn more about why portable car canopy is now highly popular.

Part 1: Why People Need Portable Protection For Car?

Convenience and easy life is the principal reasons why car was made in the first place. You can cover distance and move to destination with ease and at greater speed with the help of car. Also, to ensure all round convenience, your car protection should also be portable. Traditional car cover can only guarantee coverage while at home or when your car is at stationary point. But, when your car moves away from home, the coverage will be removed. Also, majority of traditional car cover are operated manually which can be difficult or time consuming. These are why traditional car protection is not needed anymore. You just need a portable mobile car cover that will move around with you without any difficulty. Another thing about portable car cover is that it can give you the protection you need against acid rain, sun rays and even dust and bird droppings without heating your car up. On the other hand the traditional car cover comes with cloth that can end up heating up the car and increase the interior temperature.

Part 2: Superb Features of Lanmodo Portable Car Canopy

If you truly want a car tent that can guarantee absolute protection to your car, the answer is Lanmodo car tent. It is built with great portability and great folding structure. While folded, you can easily put the cover inside your car without occupying much of your space. It is lightweight, portable and easy to be carried along from one place to another. So, you will be sure of total protection from anything and at any time with Lanmodo portable car canopy.

Another superb feature of Lanmodo portable car canopy is the automatic and time saving set up. It can just take you 8 seconds to set up the umbrella and be sure of complete protection to your car. You will be sure of convenient and comfort in your car when you are under the coverage of Lanmodo car cover.

In summer when the climatic condition is always hot, you need Lanmodo car canopy to save your car from becoming hell on earth. It is built with anti-heated feature. The temperature different between the car under the coverage of Lanmodo canopy and the one without is about 36°C.

The snow-proof and waterproof feature associated with the cloth used in construction of this device, users will be sure of completely protection from anything. It can cover your car in all weather including, summer, with dust and heat, winter with intense cold and snow and others. Acid rain will not splash on your car when it is under the cover of this wonderful device.

The cloth of this mobile canopy comes with changeable feature. That means you can easily change from one color or design to another. Apart from the fact that you can change cloth color of your car canopy you will be sure of using one canopy on different cars. The cloth size is uniquely constructed to suit all vehicle sizes. More so, the anti-theft is among the super features associated with Lanmodo car canopy which made it the best among others in the market. Learn more about Lanmodo here.

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