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What Should be Your Basic Car Tools for Car Maintenance and Protection?

Mar 19, 2019, 8:37 am / Richard

Owning a vehicle is no small task and whoever buys a car can tell how big and important an investment it is in their life. To be able to fully appreciate the value of this it is important to understand the huge number of situations that you could find yourself feeling uncomfortable in without a car. Those who do appreciate this without a doubt carry a no compromise mindset when it comes to taking care of their cars. The question that really arises here is what are the things that really cover the basics of car maintenance tools and car protection tools? Some of the important things have been discussed here so keep reading to find out more.

Basic Maintenance Tools

While the enthusiasts would tell you the list of car maintenance tools one should keep in their car for maintenance is endless, there are some basic things that you should not only have in your car but also know how to use. These could include things like a set of wrenches for dealing with all the bolts around your car, electrical tape and diagonal cutters for wiring work, pliers (because why not), and other essentials like a screwdriver set, hammer, vice grips etc. More tools can also be added of course given your specific requirements and understanding.

Maintaining the Tires

Your car isn't going anywhere without its tires and to make sure that you get to your destination safely, having a good set of tires is very important. Taking good care of your tires using car maintenance tools does not just concern with safety though; it is also resonant with the performance of your engine. Make sure you have all the necessary tools in your car for tire maintenance which may include tire gauge, torque wrench, tire inflator, tire iron if you have not yet switched to tubeless tires and a penny. Yes, a penny, the most basic tool for checking the life and quality of the tread on your tires.

Some Miscellaneous But Important Items

In addition to the above having other basic work tools like safety goggles, safety masks, ear plug, latex gloves etc. are very useful in terms of having suitable working conditions. Additionally, having a car jack is probably the most critical item as this is not only useful for changing tires but also for any under body work that you may need to do on the roadside.

Tools for Car Protection

1. Car seat covers are one of the most basic car protection tools for your car's interior protection. Having your seats properly covered with a good quality cover can really help elongate the life of the seats and the foam installed in them for comfort. Additionally, they can also be a big factor in terms of personalizing the look of your car to suit your style and make it a much more pleasant experience to sit in the car.

2. Dashboard sun cover comes under multipurpose car protection tools that not only helps protect your dashboard from getting damaged due to direct sunlight and heat absorption but also keeps the car temperature much lower than it would be without a cover. This is extremely important for people living in warmer areas. Ask anyone who lives in a high temperature area and you will find them particularly emotional and engaged about what it feels like to have your car baking in the sun simply because you forgot to use a sun cover.

3. Portable car canopy is a recently introduced concept that is taking the world by storm, pun intended. Whether you want to protect your car from the sun or rain or hails or other harmful scenario, portable car canopy has been creating quite a buzz on their effectiveness. Unlike a typical car cover, this tool is perfect for creating a gap between the car and external elements to maximize the protection.

However, it can be quite complicated to operate and is considered to be a hassle by most car owner, therefore steering them away from using it. Enter Lanmodo portable car canopy, a product that is a dream to use and is quickly coining itself as the best car canopy for outdoor protection. This particular canopy is so easy to deploy that even a child could do it. All you need to do is place the main body on the top of your car using its suction mount. Once that is done, all you need to do is push a single button on the provided remote and it will deploy all by itself. The quality of this product is of a high concern here when investing in a portable car canopy and you can find loads of videos testing Lanmodo portable car canopy for both its durability and functionality. This in our opinion is probably the most versatile car tool that you could possibly have in your car tool kit.

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