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What is the Significant Role Car Canopy Plays in Car's Life?

Mar 11, 2019, 4:47 pm / Brian Lageose
When you liken the body of a car to the body of human, you will understand how important car canopy is for the cars. For instance, when it is raining, humans need an umbrella to avoid getting wet and when it is sunny; they also need an umbrella to avoid getting sun burnt. As far as human beings are concerned, umbrella plays a vital role in their body protection. This can also be applied to cars. Your car needs a car canopy tent to be well protected from external damages. There are diverse external damages that can happen to your car when it is parked outdoor without any cover. Unfortunately, these external damages are out of your control to manage or curtail. Only a carport canopy tent can do the job.

What cars can suffer without a Car Canopy Tent?

There are numerous conditions that your car can be exposed to when it is not covered. As mentioned earlier, these factors are beyond what you can manage or control. You therefore need a Lanmodo car canopy tent to handle the situations. Top among conditions that your car can suffer from when it is not protected include:

Hot Sunshine

When the weather is very hot, the car suffers a lot. There is a long term effect on the car body paint and when the temperature is overboard, it can cause the windscreen and windows to shatter which will cost you quite a fortune to replace. With a car canopy tent, you don't have to worry about how hot the sun or how high the temperature is.

Acid Rain

Acid rain has adverse effect on your car. It can cause the body paint to peel, and cause corrosion of the metallic body parts. Sadly, there is no way to ascertain the type of rain falling at a particular time. For all you know, it might be raining acid right now with your car suffering from the impact. Why put your car through this hardship when you can easily get a Lanmodo car canopy tent to protect it?


Your car is also vulnerable to damages from snow. When snow settles on your car for a while, it melts and causes rust to any part of the car that is exposed. It can also cause the body paint to peel off. Snow can also cause scratches on your windscreen especially when you are trying to wipe it off with the wiper. There are quite a number of damages that can occur to your car when it is exposed to snow. You can prevent this by getting a car canopy tent for your car.

Bird Droppings

Apart from the mess caused by bird droppings on your car, it can also cause serious damage to the car paint. This is simply because bird droppings are acidic up to about Ph3.5 to Ph4.5. When it stays on the car, the acid starts to burn and scrape the surface of the paint; and the longer it stays, the greater the damage to your car. You can prevent this by simply investing in a carport canopy tent from Lanmodo.

Benefits of Car Canopies

Having looked at the different things that your car can suffer from when it is not covered and protected, let us look at some great benefits in investing in a high quality car canopy for your car.
  1. It protects your car from the above mentioned damages. You don't have to worry about any danger to your car because it is completely protected from external damages.
  2. Good quality car canopy lasts for a long period of time.
  3. Usually, portable car canopies are recommended for outdoor usage because it is easy to install and store.
  4. They come in fashionable and exceptionally wonderful design and they look really cool.

Reasons to Choose Lanmodo Car Canopy

Lanmodo car canopy is your best choice when it comes to protecting your car. You might wonder why; below are top reasons why you should choose it for your car protection:
  1. It protects your car from hot sunshine. It gives shade to the entire body of the car and even protects your children from the heat. In hot weather days, Lanmodo car canopy can cool down car interior temperature up to 36 degrees.
  2. Protects the car from acid rain. Acid rain will not cover the car body and cause the car paint to be corroded when use Lanmodo.
  3. Protects the car from snow. Use Lanmodo car canopy to stop snowflakes from piling up on the car roof so that it won't be difficult to clean up.
  4. It protects your car from bird droppings. Bird droppings won't fall directly on the car body but on the car canopy.However, it is easy to clean, just rinse directly with a faucet.
  5. Lanmodo car canopy has more features as well as functions than you can imagine. You can know more about it by clicking here.
Everything you need to protect your car from external damages is available in Lanmodo car canopy tent. You definitely will not regret choosing this brand for your car protection.

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