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What Car Protection You Need to Do for Your Car During Spring?

Apr 15, 2019, 8:45 am / Abigail Williams

Spring season brings life to all natural things. After winter comes the spring; bringing life with it. Everything is busting with life and beauty. Temperature is also moderate which makes it best for outdoor activities. Car protection in spring becomes essential due to the high frequency of outdoor activities.

Here are a few car protection measures you can take in spring season-

1. Car Wash and Cleaning

When you go to a party or any social gathering, you try and wear the best possible clothes and do extra grooming to look good. It defines your standard and people are more attracted to you when you are well dressed. Same applies to your car, and it is not wrong to say that its an extension of your personality, to leave an impression at any social gathering a properly washed car is a must.

You don't wear dirty clothes to parties so why bring a dirty car? Spring rain can damage your car paint. Every time it rains you should wash your car and get rid of the filthy mud. A car wash also keeps the car away from the erosion of bird droppings and the cover of dust. Along with this, you can even apply wax or even a coat of thin film to protect the car paint and keep that bling on.

All the cleaning work is done after your car becomes dirty whether it's parked outside or moving on the road. You can also choose to protect your car from the dirt while parking outside by using car protection cover, this way you don't have to do the extra cleaning. Lanmodo car canopy cover comes in more than handy especially if you don't own a garage and have to park outside your home all the time. This car canopy is made of durable and robust materials; capable enough to protect your car from falling objects and rainwater.

2. Disinfect the Car interiors

Rising temperature with humid air can help many pathogens to grow inside the car. Measures should be taken to control this growth of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms by making sure that the car interiors are dry and tidy. Pay special attention to the corners of the seat and the air outlets and clean them properly.

3. Air Filtration System

Like our nose act as an air filtration system for our body, car's filtration system removes any suspended particles or sand particles which might harm the engine.

During the spring season, the dust particles and fine sand particles may cause blockage in the air filtration system. Due to this blockage in the filter, the performance of the engine degrades and it becomes weak and unstable. Therefore it's very important to change the car's air filter periodically. It should be checked every 5000 Kilometers and changed after every 15000 Kilometers.

4. Air Conditioning System

Spring season is the most comfortable temperature vise; therefore, use of the Air Conditioner is very less; almost no use. Make sure that you check it before the summer season arrives and clean it before you start using it.

5. Braking System

Brakes should be checked for sensitivity. As the brakes wear on they become less sensitive. Hydraulic brakes contain fluid which can absorb water from the humid air and make driving dangerous. The high temperatures generated by the friction can make the water vaporize and make braking difficult. Due to the rain and humid air in the spring season, this happens a lot. To ensure safe driving brake fluid should be checked frequently during the spring season.

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