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Waking Your Car from Winter Storage for Spring Drive

Apr 10, 2019, 10:15 am / Abigail Williams

Feed up with winter months and eagerly waiting to welcome and greet the spring season in your life. The good news is that now the weather is turning warmer and warmer and indicating the spring is all around. The birds are singing and the flowers are blooming so colorful. Yes, the spring is coming and besides getting ready for the amazing season you need to remember that it is time to wake up your car from winter storage for spring drive. Wondering what you need to do for the same? Well, we have some suggestion and tips ready for you to prepare your car for the spring season. To know about it, scroll down and learn about spring car care.

#1 Take out your car from storage

Your car remained parked in a garage or open space for long in the winter months. It is important for you to give a check to it to ensure that there is no sign of any small animal activity or damage to it. In case you find it difficult to check then take it to a car expert for thorough check-up.

It is important to inspect car parts before you take it out for a ride to ensure that each one of them is working fine. Start the engine and check if any uncanny sound it is making or not. If you find so call your car mechanic for parts checking and repair or replacement if needed.

#2 Maintain under the hood

Maintenance of under the hood starts at the gas pump. You need to check under the hood of the car visiting a gas station or even near your driveway. Give a check for coolant, washer fluid, oil level, transmission fluid, battery fluid, power steering fluid, the battery besides other connections. It is important to do in order at regular interval to ensure that vital fluids are available at desired levels for the smooth functioning of the car.

#3 Start it up from a test drive

If you planning to take your car out for a long drive after several days of keeping it parked, then wait for a moment. What if you find the car malfunctioning in the mid of your journey route? We are sure it will mess up the excitement of your trip. First, take it out for a test spring drive within your locality or area for a couple of hours or a few days. If it serves well then its fine, but if you find a single sign of disturbance then meet your car mechanic immediately.

#4 Clean it's exterior and interior

The car remains parked in your parking area for many days. It's simple to understand that proper cleaning of exterior and interior was difficult for you to do because of heavy snowfall and foggy weather in the winter months. Now spring has arrived and it's time to give your car a car makeover with proper exterior and interior cleaning. If it was parked outside then chances are high that the car is covered with dust, animal droppings sticking to the car surface and similar other things. Make use of the best product for car cleaning to make it look fresh and clean.

#5 Add protection to the outdoor parked car

Many of us are not lucky enough to have a dedicated car parking covered area at home. We need to park under an open sky which keeps it unprotected. Here we need to think about adding protection to the outdoor parked car. Lanmodo car canopy can be a wonderful solution to this problem. It is an excellent outdoor car canopy available in the market. This sturdy and waterproof car canopy can shelter the car from rain, dust, bird droppings when the car parked outside. If you want you can easily use it as a fishing tent, camping tent when you drive out for some outdoor activities. The best part is that it is easy to carry and use in any location you are taking the car with you and offer protection to the car wherever you park.

So above are a few things that you can do to wake your car up from the winter break and to welcome the lovely spring.

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