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Turn Lanmodo Car Canopy the Best Partner of Your Ford Car Protection

Mar 13, 2019, 11:22 am / Lara

One of the most expensive brands of the industry for cars is Ford. Lucky are those who can fulfill their dream of having a Ford with them. It is not so easy to have a Ford car now and then. So if you buy it you need to be very attentive towards the well being or in short for the maintenance, and care of the car. What best you can do to take care for the Ford car protection? We have the answer for you. Lanmodo car canopy will help you in providing the best protection to your expensive Ford car. We understand the fact that mere few words of appreciation from our side will not satisfy you about the advantage of using this Lanmodo car canopy for your car. We will suggest you to scroll down and read the reasons as how Lanmodo car canopy can become the best partner of your Ford.

1. An ideal protection for your Ford against dent caused by hail on car surface: The structure of this car canopy is solid enough to bear the weight of hail and stop it falling on your car directly. It will bounce the hail and make it fall on the surrounding areas of the car where it is parked. If you are not using a car canopy then chances is pretty high for your favorite Ford to face bad dents on the surface. We are pretty confident that you can imagine as how ugly the car will look with the dent. Invest in Lanmodo for protecting the car well.

2. Keeps the interior of the Ford cool even in hot summer: Set on the car roof, the Lanmodo car canopy is like a big umbrella offering fully shade to your car. It prevents the most of the heat accumulating on the car because of the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun to make it overheat as the cloth of the car canopy is made of silver coating oxford cloth which can effectively block high temperature and ultraviolet penetrating. As the exterior surface remains protected from the sun rays automatically the heat is not forwarded to the interior of the car. Even if the car remains parked outside under the sun with this Lanmodo canopy the interior of the car will remain cool. It is one of the USP of this car canopy which keeps this brand ahead of the competitors in the market.
car canopy

3. Does not occupy much space in your Ford trunk when you carry it on your outdoor trip: This car canopy is light weight and the foldable design of it will make it small packed. It just takes up a small room to store when you pack it to you trip. We cannot deny the fact that other portable canopy available in the market cannot be packed in the car truck but what make Lanmodo ahead of others are that other canopies occupies more space that it. This is another key reason which is keeping Lanmodo is the most preferred list.

4. Best assistant for your self-driving trip to some outdoor location: Do you know you need not carry with your other tents for your self-driving trip when you have Lanmodo outdoor car canopy with you. Wondering how is that possible? We have the answer for you ready. It is one of the versatile car covers of the industry that is not limited to car protection, and it can used for human protection too. With help of a stand or some canopies, it can transform into tents for yard, beach, fishing, and camping. If you want to sleep in your camping spot at night then this tent can accommodate 6-7 people easily.

5. Available for various Ford car models: No matter what kind of model of your Ford, sedan, SUV, Ford pickup trucks, etc. this car canopy is available to protect the whole car body as well as the main parts for almost all models of Ford and other branded cars.

By this time you are sure as why we are recommending this car canopy for your expensive ford car protection. Go ahead and buy one for your Ford today.

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