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Top 7 Rules to Become a Better Driver

Mar 21, 2019, 11:45 am / Evelyn Smith

Being a good driver is not at all limited to your ability to drive a car properly. It is a lot more than that and to really understand how broad the horizon is, you can say that being a good driver means both you and your car remain safe. This is also inclusive of errors and problems created by other drivers and even nature! To really understand how to become a better driver and drive safe, while ensuring car protection as well, you need to cover at least the seven bases that have been discussed here. Read on to find out what these bases are.

Proper Positioning of Arms on the Wheel

The amount of grip you have on the movement of your car is entirely based on how you handle the steering wheel. To be able to control the car properly and drive safe, you will need to follow the standard 10 and 2 position i.e. your left arm being at the 10 o'clock position and your right arm at the 2 o'clock position.

Adjust Your Mirrors to Cover Blind Spots

They say a driver can look in all four directions. This is possible only if your position all your mirrors properly. Your back view mirror should be such that you are able to see the entire frame of your rear window. Additionally, your side view mirrors should be placed such that you see most of the road but just a small part of your car's body as well. It is also suggested to tilt your mirror downwards when reversing to be able to see the curb. Having blind spots in any of the mentioned viewing angles can lead to accidents which is quite the opposite of car protection.

Don't Bother Speeding

It must be note that no matter how fast you go, as long as you are driving a regular vehicle, the amount of time difference you create will almost always be close to negligible! So why risk your life when you could instead choose to drive safe and ensure car protection as well.

Know the Best Way to Merge in Traffic

Understanding how lanes merge on highways is very important in terms of being able to ensure a smooth transition of a small road onto a main road. Whether it is a small service lane merging into a highway lane or you are entering a roundabout, the very first thing to do is to wait your turn! Make sure it is your turn to move and when you do, ensure that you are following all the other advice as well. This can sometimes even differentiate between a novice and a pro driver.

Ditch the Distractions and Focus on the Road

It is fairly common to see people distracted and either missing their turns etc. or on worst cases, cause an accident. The reason for this is mostly the use of mobile phone and other electronic devices and what not. Make sure you stay away from anything that is not related to your drive (basically everything) and focus entirely on the road.

Drive and Practice More

The most famous saying of all time; practice makes perfect is one of the most fitting sayings in terms of car protection and generally being able to drive safe. Go out as often as possible and drive around regularly to make sure the technique really becomes second nature for you. Only then will you be able to call yourself an experienced driver.

Shelter Your Car

When you are not using your car, keeping it protected from external elements can be quite a challenge. Whether it is sunlight or rain or other natural elements that bear down on a car's sturdiness, having a safety mechanism is a must. A lot of people opt for an outdoor car canopy when parking anywhere outside the garage. To ensure that you really get the most benefit out of such an investment, going for a product like Lanmodo car canopy is a good idea. Since it is a proper investment, it is only common sense to make it worth your while and choose an outdoor car canopy that can really provide big returns on your investment.

Following the steps shared here can be very helpful in pushing you towards your ultimate goal; being a better driver!

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