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Top 7 Features of Lanmodo Car Canopy Cover

Mar 6, 2019, 5:45 pm / Evelyn Smith
The Lanmodo car canopy cover is a canopy tent for cars which is portable and has many features which sets it aside from all other car canopies. This is different from a normal car canopy which is usually made from a single material such as metal or wood. For car lovers who truly value their car there is a product out there which offers all the benefits of different car canopies and more. It will discuss the Anti-Heat Theory, the Rain & Snow protection, One-Button setup, the portable size of the structure, wind resistance, protection, and custom designs.

1, Anti-Heat theory

The Lanmodo car canopy as a car tent canopy reflects sunlight and can keep the car cooler than it would be under a traditional canopy or without one. The below image shows this:
Without the Lanmodo car canopy in a hot climate the car bonnet is hot enough to fry an egg, with the Lanmodo car canopy you can feel the bonnet is only slightly warm to the touch in hot weather and the inside of the car is comfortable. This is a key benefit of the Lanmodo car canopy.

2, Rain & Snow Protection

The material of Lanmodo carport canopy cover is made from the 210D oxford nylon, which deflects rain, and protects from snow. This is a waterproof material where water does not stick to it, like the Teflon coating on frying pans.
This ensures your car is always protected from the rain and it is easy to clean, meaning dirt such as tree sap and bird droppings are easy to clean and your car is always protected. No other canopy tent for cars offers this sort of feature, anytime anywhere apart from the Lanmodo car canopy cover.

3, One Button Set-Up

The Lanmodo car canopy is easy to set up, attaching to your car with the rubber feet is a breeze. You can also use the remote which will open and close the car umbrella within 30 seconds with a single remote control click.
This is simple and easy! Simply park up, step out of your car, lock the doors and a single click on the remote will allow the umbrella to unfold! When you return to your car, you can fold the umbrella with another simple press on the remote.

4, Portable Folding Structure

The Lanmodo car canopy is a simple portable structure which folds to a size of 85cm in length, 2.1*3.5 meters unfolded. This is a great size and it is also easy to store in the trunk of any car. No other carport canopy tent offers such an ease of transport feature. The umbrella folds and unfolds in a matter of seconds and ensure you take it with your car everywhere.

5, Wind Resistance

The Lanmodo car canopy has superior wind resistance and is designed with its strong nylon support structure to be resistant to strong winds up to 7 strong wind. This means you can protect your car even during a rain storm or in windy conditions. Most tent type canopies struggle in this department, but the Lanmodo is strong in this area, which is great as you can take it on the move.

6, Protection from Sudden Events

The Lanmodo car canopy offers protection for your car and the paintwork from sudden events such as tree branches falling, bird droppings, acid rain, tree sap, and sunlight. This will also mean your car paint color maintains a good shine! This is only possible if your car is protected everywhere you go, which the Lanmodo canopy car cover can do.

7, Custom Designs

The Lanmodo Car Canopy cover offers promotional designs for gifts, such as company logos or your partner's name on the umbrella cloth. This can be a design unique and personal to you, and no other car canopy offers this feature! So why not gift your wife or employees a stylish Lanmodo car canopy today!


The Lanmodo car canopy offers features that no other Car Canopy can offer, and it is a no-brainer which carport canopy to use! Traditional car canopies can protect a car but cannot be taken on the move easily and most do not look as stylish or as sleek as the Lanmodo. So why not invest in the Lanmodo car anopy, it will be an investment you won't regret, protect that investment which is your car and enjoy a nice look in the process!

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