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Tips For Winter Driving

Mar 12, 2019, 7:01 pm / Brian Lageose

Car owners need to be aware of too many things for winter driving. Sometimes, winter driving gives drastic experiences which are unforgettable. There are a huge number of items to be checked before starting the car drive in winters. For safe driving in winters, also there are specific gadgets available to have more secure trip such as winter car canopy. To this end, car protection in winters is a big necessity in cold weather.

1. Check antifreeze fluid

Moving ahead, in winter it is vital to replace antifreeze fluids, as sometimes engine water temperature is too low that it can damage engine parts also. Coupled with damage to engine parts, getting anti-freeze liquid changed with time will automatically soar up engine's life to work for more time. For proper winter driving, antifreeze fluid is to be replaced by using appropriate guidelines as mentioned on the box of the fluid or as mentioned by the car company.

2. Check tire pressure

You can't walk properly if your feet hurt because walking creates friction, so does driving, and that is the reason tires need to be in optimal shape while driving. To ensure that, checking tire pressure is an essential thing. In winters rubber tends to become hard and brittle, taking more wear and tear from the surface. To make sure of the balance of the car on all four wheels, maintain equal pressure in all tires. Also, on a slippery surface, one can use skid tires for better performance.

3. Watch the road and drive gently

Probing further, watch the road carefully and drive. "Watch and drive" carefully is like a ubiquitous known word, but some people still don't follow this simple driving rule which often results in accidents. Everyday traffic rules such as drive slowly at turns or avoids emergency braking are part of this simple rule. Don't trample on one foot while driving your car.

4. Keep the distance and drive at low speed

During winters it is crucial to keep a distance from other vehicles because the road surface might be slippery and this may be due to the snow on the road or freezing water layer which is sometimes invisible to the naked eye and it may cause the car to go sideways or skid while applying the brakes.

5. Clean snow in time, do not block line of sight

At night time the temperatures are particularly lower than the day time and the wipers are frozen. Before the ice melts on the windshield, do not start wiping out the snow. The wiper drive motor may burn down. In case of rain or snow, in addition to use the wiper to remove fog inside the car, it is best to carry a piece of cotton cloth. When stopping, wipe the inner glass and mirror of the window in time, so as to ensure that the line of sight is not affected when driving.

6. Careful use of fog lamps to avoid interference

Using fog lamps enhances visual performance of humans in foggy days while driving. For the use of fog lamps also, there are some rules such as, don't use them in the city. Since fog lamps are brighter than ordinary low beam lights, allowing them to shine indiscriminately when not necessary will only interfere with the sight of other drivers, and sometimes may result in an accident.

7. Use winter car canopy to protect car when parking outdoor

In winters if car is to be parked outside, it can have snow accumulated on the surface or even dew can create the frozen layer of water on your wind screen and mirrors at night. Not to mention that Lanmodo car canopy for winter protection suits all outdoor conditions as it prevents snow falling on car body accurately. Lanmodo car canopy is made of strong fiberglass structure and waterproof cloth that can bear the hail, snow or even avoid dew to get stuck on the outer surface and get frozen. You won't take time to clean the snow blocked on car roof since you already have it sheltered with. It is best to use the winter car canopy for outdoor at night to prevent snowflakes from falling on the roof of the car.

Conclusively, I must assert that Lanmodo car canopy for winter protection is essential for perfect winter outdoor adventure. Winter car canopy for outdoor will not only scrupulous protection to your car but also give you a fabulous experience while driving in winter. Not to forget its use as a tent if extended can protect you from snowfall and chilly winds.

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