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Time to Get Lanmodo Mobile Car Canopy for Your Car

Mar 12, 2019, 5:49 pm / Evelyn Smith

Not happy with the support of your traditional car canopy? Is your car facing damages still when it is under your traditional fixed canopy protection or it is the case that due to lack of protection for your car at time when you are at any outdoor location is disturbing you? If that is true then why not change to a mobile car canopy?

The mobile car canopy does have the quality to give you as well as your car a special experience. There are many mobile canopy manufacturers by out them the name on which you can easily bank upon is Lanmodo. Lanmodo mobile car canopy is one of the perfect answer to your prayers for car care. We are sure that just based on our words you are not going to trust this innovative mobile car canopy and you will prefer to know more about the product. So here we go...

1. Operate with a remote control, Lanmodo makes your life easier!

Difficulty that we mostly face with traditional car canopy is that we need more than 1 person for its installation. Here Lanmodo made things pretty simple for us. For the automatic Lanmodo car canopy all that you need to do is to just play with its remote control. The whole installation will take around 30 secs and opening and closing will take some 8 secs each respectively.

2. Four-season protection, gives your car best shelter!

There are only few models of traditional car canopy which can offer the desired protection to car in some seasons but not for all. In this regard Lanmodo canopy will be the perfect choice for you. It will protect the car from rain and dust in spring. It will keep the interior of your car cool in hot summer days. The roof of this canopy is made of silver coating oxford cloth which has the potential to reflect sunlight, reducing the volume of heat accumulated on car. It protects your car away from the fallen leaves damage when parked under the tree in autumn. Its military fiberglass structure is sturdy enough to protect your car from snowfall, hail and acid rain in the winter.

3. Small packing size, easily carry!

Traditional canopies are not possible to carry wherever you go with your car. So in most cases the car remained parked outside with no protection in outdoor location. Again the perfect answer to this problem is Lanmodo canopy. The packing size of Lanmodo mobile car canopy is just about 87 cm, takes up a small space when it store in your car trunk. It's popular because of its portable and foldable design as well as light weight, which means you can carry it easily and use it anywhere as well as anytime. If you are a travel freak who drives down to different location for professional or vocational needs then this can give the best protection to your car when outdoors.

4. Multi-functional application, not just car protection!

In addition to car protection, Lanmodo car canopy with some extra accessories can be used as a camping tent, beach umbrella, fishing tent, offering more protection to you in your outdoor activities. It can even act as a movie screen because it's inside wall is made with silver coating, you can enjoy your favorite movie with a projector work with it. Doesn't it sound so crazy?

5. Personal customization, no limitation!

Is there anyone who is not fond of customization for anything they use? Well the fact is that everyone likes it. Owning a unique car canopy is an easy thing in Lanmodo, you can customize your own car canopy, your favorite letters, patterns and character images can be printed on Lanmodo car canopy. Looking for something more than this? Well you can also get the chance to print your company's logo on it to promote your business. Isn't it interesting?

We know that you love your car and want the best care for it. You decided to give it the best protection cover. Look no further than Lanmodo to offer the best protection to your car. It will be your cars best friend for the ultimate care it needs.

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