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The Unimaginable Damage of Fallen Leaves to Cars

Mar 12, 2019, 4:31 pm / Brian Lageose
Fallen leaves can create havoc on roads and can lead to accidents. If heaps of such fallen leaves cover the potholes on roads it can be dangerous also, wet and slippery leaves on roads can ruin driving experience. What else can autumn cause to you? Well, we never think it that way, but we all are aware of fallen leaves on top of our cars, isn't it? However, we don't do much to avoid it. We think that it will clear away with wind. What we need to know is the damages to cars from fallen leaves. Let us see how can actually cause damage to your car.

Fallen leaves can cause the following damages to cars:

  1. Fallen leaves when deposited on the car surface decay and they release a viscous fluid. During morning and evening the temperature varies and this variation of temperature causes the dew and moisture to spread with a faster rate. Now this leads to corrosion on the lacquer surface, if not cleaned regularly. Slowly it will keep spreading and damaging the overall surface of the car.
  2. The leaves fall and get deposited on the road, when swept away, usually these piles are kept on the sides of the road. So, while you park your vehicle on any such areas, be very careful. Sometimes there are sharp objects that are swept along with the leaves. It can cause damage to the tire, shells of tires, other parts of the car. You need to park in a safe position where chances of leave fall remains less.
  3. If trapped inside the car, these leaves can decay inside the car and cause the bacteria and foul smell. This can cause health issues to the driver. So, it is very important to keep the car clean and away from any such trouble.
  4. During rain and wind, mud and sand deposits on the leaves covering the sunroof holes and the wiper slots. It can cause scratches on the glass and other parts if not cleared carefully.
You can definitely avoid any such trouble caused by the fallen leaves by being careful. Here are some tips that can help you in protecting your car from the trouble of fallen leaves.

Scroll down and check out:

  1. One of the best ways to avoid the damages from fallen leaves is that you should never park your vehicle under trees during autumn.
  2. If you have to park your car in an open space for a longer duration of time, make sure it is covered with an outdoor car canopy.
  3. You can use one of the best outdoor car protection products like Lanmodo outdoor car canopy which is very effective and strong enough to save your car from any damages caused by fallen leaves during autumn. Apart from providing protection to your car, it can be as a beach umbrella, camping tent or fishing umbrella. It can keep the car interior cool in the summer months. Soft suction cup in this canopy is perfect to avoid causing scratches on the car roof.

Lanmodo outdoor car canopy is one of the best protection solutions for fallen leaves during autumn. Made up of quality material it stands powerful against strong wind and protect the car. It comes with a remote controller which is fast to open and close. You will take no more than 30 Secs to install and around 8 secs max for opening and closing of the canopy. Once charged it can work effectively till 45 days. You can use it more than 10,000 times in its lifetime.

Apart from offering protection from fallen leaves this multipurpose shield works perfect during hail and snow as well. It also protects the vehicle from bird droppings, acid rains and dust. The popularity of this car canopy is pretty high in the market because of its excellent performance as a car protection unit. This car canopy is just perfect for almost all cars of any shape and size. So if you have more than one car of different brand then it can give protection to both alternatively when parked under the trees.

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