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The Ultimate Guide for Car Maintenance All Year Round

Mar 13, 2019, 3:47 pm / Lara

Having a well-maintained vehicle is necessary to ensure an efficient performance and a better durability. The lesser you take care of your car, the more likely it is to have a shorter life span. In addition, the parts which are the most neglected will be the first one to expire in comparison with others. You may consider a daily washing of your car and its tires to be a complete care package but no. Just like us humans, we need to take care of the externals and the internals of the car. This guide will serve as an ultimate tutorial on how to keep your car completely maintained 365 days a year!

Part 1: How to maintain the exterior?

1. Usage of wax: In most of the cars, the first damage to appear is in the form of a faded paint. Your car may lose its shine and appear duller over the time. The number one reason for this is the constant exposure of the car to UV rays of the sun. Your car's paint may not have yet experienced it or could also be on the verge of completely dying out. In either case, you should apply wax on your vehicle's body whether or not the problem has already manifested. Precautionary measures are always better to take.

2.Usage of car canopy: To ensure a healthy exterior structure of your car, an outdoor car canopy would be an ideal solution against many potential problems. Common yet annoying issues such as dust, bird droppings, tree sap, falling objects, rain, hail and other seasonal and climatic conditions would all be eradicated by the usage of such a product. The Lanmodo car canopy is made for this very purpose and much more to ensure a better health of your car. It not only protects your car in all the four seasons, from winter snow to the spring rain, it is also portable and conveniently designed to make it easy to carry around. You can use it wherever you go and let your vehicle enjoy the perfect shelter.

3. Repairing before it's too late: Every car problem starts from a low level and worsens over time because of ignorance. It is important to repair any scratches, dents and other cracks as early as possible to prevent them from deepening and aggravating.

4. Keeping an eye on tire maintenance: Keeping a watchful eye on the withering of tires, their pressure and overall health is the foremost factor to a smooth car performance. Always ensure that the tires are in good condition and have the right amount of pressure (it's usually around 30-35 PSI).

Part 2: How to keep the interior comfortable?

1. Keep it clean: The best way to keep the interiors of the car comfortable is to keep them cleaned. If your seats and their covers are not regularly maintained, they may accumulate dirt and become uncomfortable. Take good care of the interior with proper equipment to ensure a pleasant journey experience for both yourself and your family.

2. Add on a storage box: Having a storage box inside your car can be really useful. Whether you're going on a long drive, a beach trip or a wild camping journey, a tool box can contain all your important items, ready to be taken out when required and stored back in. This introduces a lot of comfort in the car interior as many small and medium-sized items can be stored in a single storage box rather than crowding the space.

3. Get some covers to seats, floor: Most of the times, if you have naughty children, they'll wipe off whatever's unnecessary on their clothes right to the mercy of the seats and the floor. For this reason and for the sake of cleanliness and maintenance, you should buy covers that will not only protect the seats but also the floor.

Part 3: How to maintain under the hood?

1. Regular check under the hood: Everything under the hood can be considered as the organs of your car. The engine is one of the most important ones. Some other things to look out for is engine oil and whether it's on its optimum level, transmission fluid, coolants and other necessary fluids such as those of windshield wiper, brake and power steering. All of these must be checked for their volume and be refilled when required.

2. Replace the aging parts: Taking risk by driving with old and aged parts of car is highly dangerous to you and anyone who shares the journey in your car. It is your utmost responsibility to be well aware of major car parts and get them checked regularly to ensure they're in good conditions. A notable example would be battery and tires.

3. Battery and engine need more care: The battery and engine are the foremost factors in ensuring that your car drives smoothly and efficiently. Always look out for the engine oil, the oil filter, air filter and the fuel filters. Make sure the spark plugs and their wires are correctly plugged in and there's no sign of withering out of wires (in which case they will need to be replaced). Same goes to your car's battery which can expire if not taken care of. If your car is going to be static for a long time, always uninstall the battery and store it at a safe place.

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