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The Best Way to Keep Your Car Cool in This Summer

Mar 11, 2019, 5:17 pm / Abigail Williams
Summer months are really hot because of the piercing sun-rays and high temperature which restricts people to come out of home all day and even for a short time. Have you ever thought how about the cars which have to be parked outside? Staying under the sun makes it internally and externally very hot. When you get into your car which remained exposed under the sun for a long time makes you feel very hot and uncomfortable to drive. Then how will you deal with such problems? Here comes the need of applying some intelligence to keep the car safe and protected when parked outside especially in the summer months.

Try to Park The Car Under The Tree Or Shady Place

Parking the car under tress will offer the needed shade to stay away from the UV rays of the sun which can be harmful for the car overall health and can make it overheated.

Wax Cover for Your Car

The wax coat done on the car actually protects the car paint from getting damaged due to roadside pollutants and also protecting against the sun's UV rays. Waxing also supports in preventing dirt and grit sticking on the vehicle. This way you can protect the paint from the pit damage. If you avoid waxing of car, the grimes which remain on car may damage the car paint.

Use of Windshield Sun Shade Cover

Keeping the car under shade is something you always want for your car. On those hot sunny days, you find it hard touching the steering wheel or even the seat belt as it gives the experience of frying hand right on a hot frying pan. Windshield sun shade blocks the sun-rays and can control the inner temperature to about 40 degree Celsius. These shades actually reflect back the sun-rays in place of absorbing the same. It protects every inner items of the car from getting hot like LCD screens, DVD, CD players, GPS devices and every type of electronics placed inside the car.

Coat Your Car with Protection Film

Paint protection film (PPF) is basically a clear film which was earlier developed only for protecting military vehicles. Today, all high-end performance car owners are using PPF to protect car from scratches, rock chips, and contaminants. The film reflects back the harmful UV rays of the sun and thereby helps in keeping the car interior cool.

A Car Protection Cover

An ideal choice for your car will be car protection cover. There are so many car protection products available in the market, and among them car cover is the one which is highly favored by people. Here we will discuss about 2 categories of car cover.

1.General Car Protection Cover

The General Car protection Cover just like a cloth which will fit the complete structure of your car. The cover is made of different types of materials and it's up to you as which one you want to go with. The best quality common car cover is made by PEVA material. Such type of cover delivers high-performance advantages. It is non-toxic, comes with good elasticity, light weight in nature, warm and breathable, windproof, waterproof, anti-grease and other properties. It protects the car interior to a great extent and keeps it cool and comfortable in the summer months. The biggest disadvantage of this covers is that they are car specific and if you have to buy a new car cover if in case you are selling off the car for a new one. The covers are weather depended and so you need to shop based on that.

2.Lanmodo Car Protection Cover

One of the best in class car cover available in the market is Lanmodo Pro car cover. This car cover is made of 210D Oxford Nylon. The holder used in the umbrella is also made out of finest quality material which will not damage car surface. The advantages which this car cover offers include:
  1. UV Resistance: It protects the car from harmful UV rays of the sun. UV resistant covers actually last longer when compared to other types of car covers available in the market
  2. Offers multiple protection from all elements
  3. It is one of the popular car shade covers which can cool down the inner car temperature . It has an anti-heated system which can cool down the car interior temperature up to 36 degrees Celsius
  4. It's portable in nature and occupies a small space for storage
  5. Made by oxford cloth so it is wear-resistant and easy to clean
  6. Big enough to cover your car and suits for various vehicles
The above are some of the best ways which you can adopt for protecting your car in hot summer months and keep the interior cool.

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