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Sun Damage: Where to Find Shade for My Ford?

Apr 9, 2019, 3:45 pm / Richard

Protecting our cars from damage is one of the most important duties of a car owner and I for one can easily vouch for the amount of effort this requires. Being able to keep my car clean and damage free is a happiness that I personally get to live every day so far. However, damage comes in all shapes and sizes and there is one particular damage that is constantly affecting every single person out there who owns a car and that is sun damage.

Being an American Chinese living in Texas, it is no surprise that the summer heat made it a very tough time for me and the extremely hot weather also started to affect my Ford sedan. Since I live in suburbs, the lack of infrastructure means covered parking lots are hard to find. Parking under trees has its own problems, especially in terms of bird droppings making the car dirty all the time. So finding a solution for my Ford that I could rely on was extremely important.

Keeping a wholesome approach

It was extremely critical that whatever solution I find, it should be capable of providing car protection in the most effective manner possible. While sun damage was definitely a priority, it was not the only thing I wanted to protect my car from. The solution needs to have effective car protection against all weather and environmental elements. No bird droppings, no extreme weather damage, nothing. I realized that either I needed to build myself a personal garage in every location I visited which was obviously a fantastical idea, or I could find something that I could take along with me.

Possible solutions

I started out with something basic to see what the possibilities were. One of the most commonly used solutions, especially by people who are fond of camping was portable tents. Having a tent that is foldable enough to fit in the trunk of the car was something I could have tried but that provided a few issue to begin with. For the tent to be small and light, it had to lose its strength and sturdiness. This meant that the tent was not stable enough to stand against even slightly extreme weather conditions. Plus most tents didn't come with materials that I could personally approve of in terms of providing my Ford with suitable car protection. Although they were doing the job just find in terms of protection against sun damage, I did not want to limit myself.

Car canopy

With my search still ongoing, I looked around the internet to find something for my Ford that was a little more innovative than a basic tent. And the out of nowhere almost, I stumbled upon the idea of car canopies. These are basically small in size as compared to a regular tent and actually sit on top of your vehicle's roof. The small size, the portability and the overall effectiveness in terms of covering all my requirements meant I had to choose it as my solution.

A little search around the internet forums and it was quite easy to decide that Lanmodo portable car canopy was the way to go. This particular car canopy had all the ingredients for being an effective solution! It is small, it is light and it is definitely worth every penny that you spend on it. Yes it may be a bit more expensive than your basic canopies but then again it is packed with such amazing features.

The Lanmodo car canopy is motor operated and can fold and deploy with the press of a single button. The sheet is super durable as well and I even found a fun little test that someone did with this canopy. They were basically dropping small sized bricks on this thing while it was sitting on top of a very expensive car! And guess what, it passed that test with flying colors! If that didn't have me sold then I don't know what would have. Do you also use a car canopy for your vehicle? I would love to know your stories too so do share them in the comment section below!

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