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Struggles That Car and Its Owner Go Through in Winter

Mar 12, 2019, 4:47 pm / Evelyn Smith
Winter as a month is loved and appreciated by almost all as it is considered as a good season for winter sports, camping, outing and vacation for the kids. But is everything good about winter? Well, no as this season actually turn out to be the one which offers bad experience for car owners, because they need to go through hardcore struggles to maintain and protect their cars in cold winter. This time we are here to know about the common winter struggles which the car owners need to face for their car in winter months.

What the struggles are?

Below is the list of struggles faced by car owners in winter seasons:

Heavy snowfall damages car roof and other parts of the car: Car paint will be corroded by heavy snowfall as because it contains a large amount of corrosive substances such as acidic, alkaline or salt. These substances are harmful for the car paint and chances are high that the paint quality will get affected if the snow is not removed from the surface fast.

Hail destroys car external surface badly: The speed in which the hail falls from the sky is huge and when it hits the surface of the car it hurts it badly. Sometimes the damages are so bad that you need to make huge investment to get it repaired. Usually you will find dents on car roof and car hood because of hail falling.

Damages from rain in the winter months: Rain fall is common to see in the winter months and that what makes the car maintenance bit difficult for the owners. The acidic or chemical enriched rain containing chloride, nitrate, sulfate, phosphate, fluoride, and bromide create impact on the car surface and paint. If it is not cleaned well in time then chances are high that you will notice slow development of rust on the car paint causing cracks on the surface.

Wiper and window are frozen by ice: As snowfall is common to see in the freezing winter months its effects are also common to see on your car body. You will find that the wiper and windows are completely frozen almost every day causing obstruction in the line of sight when you drive on road.

Slippery road: Accumulation of snow on the roads leads to creation of snow layer. If the road is frozen, it turns slippery and it becomes dangerous for the car drivers to drive. Accidents are common to see on road because of snow slippery roads in the winter months.

Tips to deal with the above problems:

  1. Go to car care shop for protection: Found your car damaged due to snow, hail or rain? Do not waste time and visit car repair shop. It is one of the best ways to get your car repaired if they have been destroyed. You need to be prepared to bear the cost to avoid further degradation of the car and it will cost you high.
  2. Park the car in a garage: When the car is at home, park it in your garage to get away from the snow, hail and rain. You can sleep in peace when you know it's inside the garage.
  3. Find a carport to park car: It may be the case that you need to drive your car to some outdoor location for some business needs or even for a day out with family. When you drive out, you'd better find a carport to park your car.
  4. Buy a winter car canopy: Buying a car canopy will be the best choice especially for those who have no garage and want the best protection for the car in all 4 seasons including winter. A winter car canopy is best for outdoor parking. It will protect your car from damages from winter weather. Winter car cover is made by many brands and available in various price ranges.
  5. Use winter tires: Qualitywinter tires made of Cooper Weather-Master WSC make use specialized rubber compounds which stay pliable during the cold season, giving strong grip and advanced braking, even when the condition of the weather is extreme.
Among the above mentioned points we will recommend you to go for car canopy. You can use it both in our personal parking area and even when you are in any outdoor location. Investing on the car cover manufactured by Lanmodo will give you the expected satisfaction. The product is technologically advanced one and installation, opening and closing can be done just with the use of wireless remote control. There are many other advantages which you can enjoy when you use Lanmodo car protection cover for your car.

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