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Saving Your Car from Parking Hazards

Aug 7, 2019, 5:19 pm / Brian Lageose

When you have a car with you then life seems very simple as you can easily communicate and don't need to depend on public transport. But what exactly pokes you in mind is the problem you face at time of getting your car parked in the outdoor place. Car parking problem haunts you badly. Many a times your car faced scratches and surface damage due to hail, snow and bird droppings. You always remain tensed because of your car safety. So what exactly can you do to save your car from parking hazards?

1. Always park parallel on the street (not in a parking lot) if possible--Make an effort to get your car parked in parallel pose. Slowly move your car in the center of the parking space or in between 2 parked cars when there is enough space available. Check before your bumper hits the half of the way past the parking end line.

2. If you must park in a lot, park on the end of a row--If you are planning to get your car parked in the available parking lot outside your building or office then try to book the parking space at the end line of the row. This will make it easy to take the car out without hurting your or others car.

3. Always allow enough room for persons parking near you to enter and exit their vehicles--Just the way you expect others to take care of your parked car at time of entering or leaving the parking space you also follow the same for others car too.

4. Be courteous--When you park your car in parking lot or even in outdoor space be polite to the people at time of requesting for creating space for your car. Being polite will help you to park safely and even the security team near the parking space will give special attention to car in your absence.

5. Avoid parking spaces designated for "compact cars"--In case you have only compact space available for parking the car then avoid parking there as chances of damage are more because of restricted area.

6. Don't park near large trucks--The truck is bigger in size than your car and so chances are high that it may hit you while backing up even because of a slightest mistake in distance calculation.

7. Away from shopping carts, cargo dollies and skateboarders--Parking near these actually increases your chance of damaging the car because of careless move of the owners of these carts and skateboarders. So keep your car away from these elements if possible.

8. Park within view of your destination--You need to select the space for parking in such a way so that it remains within your vision area. This way you can keep the car safe from thieves and parking hazards.

9. Pass on parking spaces under trees--If you don't want the bird droppings, ripe fruit and fallen leaves full cover your car, keep this in mind. If not, you'd better go for a cover for car protection when park under the tree. The car cover helps to shield your car from all these harmful factors.

10. In hot climates, crack open windows or use car canopy--Such crack may attract thieves so you are advised do this before getting off and after getting on the car. It is advisable for you to prevent your car overheating by the sun. Make use of an outdoor car canopy. The Lanmodo car canopy has a good function of keeping your car interior temperature comfortable. It can cool down your car temperature up to 36 degrees when you use it to shelter your car. Because of portable feature you can carry it in your car trunk easily wherever you go be it for daily office visit or even for a weekly outing.

11. Use secured parking when available--This can prevent someone from stealing or vandalizing your car. Besides, you can install an anti-theft device in your car. Every time when you leave the car, always take the key with you and don't leave any valuable item in a visible place.

The above 11 points clearly narrates you about the ways which you can adopt for saving your from parking and security hazards.

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