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Portable Car Canopy, Convenient to Your Life

Mar 12, 2019, 4:27 pm / Evelyn Smith
Looking for the best protection cover for your car? Well the fact is that there are different car canopies for car owners to choose from while portable car canopy must be one of the best choices. It offers you the scope to use it with ease without investing much time for its installation, opening and closing. Some of the leading brands of the industry are now into manufacturing of the car canopies which the industry demands. It is solely your responsibility to compare each one of them in the market before you actually select one for your use.

Part 1 What is portable car canopy?

So far you heard about car covers, carport and garage for the protection of the car. We are sure that the term portable carport canopy is bit new for you. If you want to define the same then we can say that it is just another car canopy which is easy to operate and carry along with you. It plays a very important role in car protection as car owners live a busy life and have not much time in hand to take measures for the best protection of their cars. A portable car canopy offers convenient protection to the cars which always remain parked outside be it of your home or any outdoor location.

Part 2 Why portable car canopy is convenient to your life?

One of the best brands of the industry on which you can bank upon for portable car canopy is Lanmodo.

  1. Lanmodo portable car canopy is very easy to set up. This way it saves both your time and energy which you usually used to invest while using fixed carport or traditional car covers. The best part of this canopy is that you get it installed in just 30s and opening and closing of the canopy takes no more than 8s by using a remote controller.
  2. This portable and foldable canopy is easy to carry and you can use it anywhere, anytime you want without any hassle. It offers enough protection to your car in outdoor locations.
  3. Protects the car from all ordinary damages be it dust, bird droppings, hot sunshine, snow, hail and falling objects.

Part 3 Reviews of 4 popular car canopies in the industry:

Here we are presenting small review of the 4 popular car canopies of the industry:
  1. Abba Patio 12 x 20-Feet Heavy Duty Carport: It is a 12 x 20 feet polyethylene canopy which is built with use of rust resistant steel metal along with heavy duty polyethylene to offer the needed protection to the car. It comes with detachable sidewalls for bad weather resistance. Installation of the carport will not take that much time which are taken by traditional carport. If you want to know one drawback of this product then we can say it occupies good amount of space to install and even when folded take spaces for storage too.
  2. Ikuby Portable Lockable Carport: The Ikuby carport is basically a lockable car shelter having the capability to cover the complete vehicle in order to give full protection. It is one of the most advanced and cleverly designed car canopies having the potential to withstand all types of bad weather with use of a durable 600 D Oxford fabric. It is durable and heavy duty and can protect car well from hail stones, torrential rain and snow. It is a good portable carport but 170 pound weight occupies a bit more space for it storage.
  3. Abba Patio Outdoor Carport Canopy: If you are looking for a low budget carport canopy then go for this. It is 10 x 20 feet in size and that what makes it capable of for protecting almost all types of cars. It comes with 6 legs with foot pads to enhance stability. It's cheap but cannot control car theft attack although protection from rain, snow and hails are offered.
  4. Lanmodo portable car canopy: This canopy emerged as the top choice of the car owners for the following reasons:

    1. It is wireless automatic and ease of setup
    2. Available for almost all cars and in customized colors
    3. Can cool down car temperature in hot day
    4. Protect car from snow and hail in winter
    5. Anti-theft feature included in the canopy
    6. It is multi-functional: Can be used as beach umbrella, fishing tent and camping tent
  5. If you are looking for best canopy which can offer you something extra than just being a cover then choose Lanmodo and choose convenience for your life and your car.

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