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Lanmodo: The Best Car Canopy for Your Car

Mar 11, 2019, 5:15 pm / Evelyn Smith
Are you in love with your car and having in your possession more than one car? If yes, then we are quite sure about the fact that you face problem in parking it in a safe location especially in the case when you have more than one car. One you can settle in your indoor garage, but what about the other one. How you will keep it protected and shielded it from any damage which may be caused by nature? Understanding your problems what we can say here in this case is that we have a solution for you. All of your problems can be solved if you own Lanmodo car canopy!

Few things to learn about Lanmodo outdoor car canopy:

One of the trusted and highly recommended car cover brand of the industry is Lanmodo. We are confident that if you invest in its product once you will end up recommending it to all. Undoubtedly it is an innovative car protection brand in the market which made independent research and development, manually crafted its uniquely designed car cover. It is a portable and foldable car canopy that can make your life easy when you use it for your car protection. The product is made out of wear-resistant oxford cloth and strong frame. It has two patent certifications in design and practicality and popular among people for high quality.

Top 7 features of Lanmodo car canopy you should know:

Before you buy this product for your car we are sure that you will love to know more about this best automatic canopy features.
  1. Quick and easy installation: Easy installation can be done with the use of a remote control to open and close it. It makes it easier to your life to use this car cover as you can install it in less than 30 secs time and open and close it in max 8 secs.
  2. Gives protection to car from hail & falling objects: It keeps the car safe from getting damaged due to hail or falling objects from the top as it is made of sturdy fiberglass structure and wear-resistant oxford cloth roof.
  3. It's a super waterproof & easy to clean car cover: If you are using it then there is no need to worry about it , just use water shower to clean when it gets dirty.
  4. Keeps the car cool: Especially during the summer months who find it uncomfortable to drive the car when enter the parked car standing under the sun. The interior remains so hot that you feel like sitting on a fire seat. Lanmodo outdoor car canopy keeps your car interior at a comfortable temperature in hot summer days because of its anti-heated system that prevents the hot sunshine and UV rays shining directly to your car. Your car interior temperature can be cooled down up to 36 degrees compared with outside temperature in hot summer.
  5. Anti-theft system: It comes with an anti-theft system that keeps it and your car safe when park outdoor. Use of anti-theft system is there in this canopy which makes it difficult for the thief to cut the wires and take the car.
  6. Windproof: The strong suction cup hold tightly on the car roof and there are four windproof straps fixed on front mirrors and door handles to stabilize it, making it difficult for wind to easily blown it away from the car roof.
  7. Fits in various cars: This amazing car canopy does have the quality to offer almost full cover to your car and available for almost all car shapes. You can call it one for all car canopy.

Choose Lanmodo, to make multiuse of the car canopy:

There are so many other benefits you can enjoy in your life when you invest best automatic canopy. We are mentioning few among them.
  1. Lanmodo car canopy can be used as beach umbrella and yard umbrella with one stand to shelter people for outdoor activities
  2. You can also use it as a camping tent with one stand and extra canopies to up to 6-8 persons
So what are you waiting for? We are sure that you want nothing less than the best for your car protection. Take a step forward and invest in this best quality, advanced and reasonably priced car canopy today.

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