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Four-Season Car Care Tips You Have to Know

Mar 6, 2019, 6:06 pm / Evelyn Smith
There are basically four seasons that all living and non-living things experience every year. Your car experiences these seasons too and even more so, especially if it is not well protected. To protect your car and increase its lifespan, it is recommended that you know about the four-season car care.

Part 1: Spring Car Care

Spring is characterized by continuous rain, heavy downpour, continuous drizzling and dreary weather. Rain causes great harms to car paint causing the paint to start fading and lose its luster. The season also comes with plenty flying dust which covers the car and can be harmful to your car accessories. Spring is also a period when bacteria and virus easily breed in the interior of the car. This is very bad to human health and can lead to unwanted health complications when you ride in such a car. Bird droppings on the car are also very common during this period, especially when the car is not covered.

How to take care of your car during spring time?
  1. Wash the car regularly. By washing the interior and exterior of the car regularly, you keep dust and bacteria out of your car. Washing also ensures that acid rain is cleaned off from the body of the car while maintaining the luster of the car.
  2. Coat it with car protection film. This will ensure that the car is well protected against acid rain and any damage that can come with the spring time.
  3. Polish it with wax. Wax helps to retain the luster and shine on your car.

Part 2: Summer Car Care

Your car also goes through a lot during the summer season. Summer is characterized by hot sunshine, and high temperature. Hot sunshine can cause harm to the car paint. High temperature can also cause harm to the driver, passengers, including babies, and also cause damage to the car accessories.

How to take care of your car in summer?
  1. Park your car under a tree shade or other shady place.
  2. Wax the car. However, you have to be careful because some components in the wax will corrode the car paint under ultraviolet light.
  3. The best way is to seal the glaze, which will increase the hardness of the paint and makes it to last for a long time.

Part 3: Autumn Car Care

Your car is also exposed to some unpleasant experience during the autumn. Autumn is a dry season with fast changing temperature. This has the potential to breed bacteria in the interior of the car. The season is also characterized by falling leaves and dust which may heavily cover your car. This is the period when many car owners find it hard to maintain the cleanliness of their car.

How to take care of your car in the autumn?
  1. Wash the car regularly with detergent and disinfectant.
  2. Check the car air conditioning regularly and do some cleaning around it.
  3. Replace the air conditioner filter on time and keep it in optimal shape.

Part 4: Winter Car Care

The winter season also comes with its own negative effects on cars. Winter is the season of snow. Snow makes cars frozen, ice the motor oil, and freeze the wiper. The season is also characterized by hail. As you might have known, hail can cause serious damage to the body of the car. It can dent the car and make the car paint to peel off. You definitely will not want to leave your car without a Lanmodo car canopy at this season.

How to take care of your car in winter?
  1. Clean the snow in time, do not let it block on your car roof and hood.
  2. Regularly wipe the wiper to ensure that the windshield can be wiped off in the snow.
  3. Before the winter season comes in, add a protective film to the body to resist the erosion of acid rain and salt water.
  4. When parked outside, it is best to use a car protection canopy to protect it from snow.

Choose Lanmodo Pro to protect your Car

Lanmodo Pro four-season car canopy is an all weather car canopy. It has the capacity to fully protect your car from hot sunshine, dust, rain, hail, and snow. With this car canopy, you don't have to worry about the damages that can be caused to your car during the four seasons because it provides all year round protection for your car. It is available for all types of cars and it is big enough to fully cover your car. You can use it anywhere and anytime. No doubt, the Lanmodo car canopy is the best outdoor car protection you can trust.

If you really love your car and would want to provide the four-season car care for it, the best option is to buy the Lanmodo car canopy.

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