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Lanmodo Multifunctional Car Canopy Helps You Enjoy Happy Outdoor Activities!

Mar 6, 2019, 6:08 pm / Brian Lageose
Camping in the woods or a sunny day on the beach you always seek breaks from your daily routine. These weekend pleasures can help you release the pressure whether its work or your studies. Lanmodo multifunctional car canopy will help you not only provide shelter from the sun but will also act as a camping tent. This outdoor car canopy protects your car from elements but has many multifunctional features as well. So if you chose Lanmodo as your outdoor carport canopy, you chose extra features more than that.

What exactly is Lanmodo?

Lanmodo is an innovative car canopy brand that helps to protect the cars from outside environment. These conditions are not ideal for your car. Example rain or snow fall. If the rain starts to fall suddenly you can deploy the car canopy with just a click of a button. Not only rains but this outdoor car canopy will protect your car from all seasonal variations and extreme conditions created outside. Whatever your car model is, outdoor carport canopy from Lanmodo will give it full protection in all seasons.

One of the pioneers in car protection Lanmodo gives you the option of customization according to your needs and ships its products to customers globally. It has rapidly gained popularity among the car users as the best outdoor car canopy which is not confined to one particular region or country, but worldwide sales have proven that it's becoming global.

How Lanmodo's multifunctionality makes your outdoor experience unforgettable?

Lanmodo multifunctional car canopy not only acts as a shelter to your car but act as protected umbrella whether it's a sunny day or cold night. It will act as your companion providing you with shelter, and protection.

1.Fishing Tent

Whether it's daytime or night, Lanmodo outdoor carport canopy can protect you from heat and provide you light at night. Yes, Lanmodo will provide you with light as it has an inbuilt USB port for LED lights. You can stay protected from the sun in the daytime while fishing and enjoy a good fishing trip with your family or friends. Lanmodo has tried to reach as far as possible with innovation to make your outings and fishing trips as hassle-free as possible. They have integrated a USB port so that you can have light while you go on a quiet night to catch the fish of your liking while sitting and relaxing near the shore.

2.Camping Tent

With some extra cloth, your outdoor car canopy can turn into an enclosed tent that can easily be used as a small camping base for your family and friends. So now you don't have to carry an extra tent in case you are taking your car and camping outside your car canopy will transform into a tent hassle free. It's very easy to convert into a tent and can be easily packed. It is one sturdy tent for most outdoor activities needing shelter.

3.Beach Umbrella

With an additional camping stand your outdoor carport canopy is your beach umbrella as well. You can charge your digital devices with the USB. It is portable and conveniently easy to install and it can withstand the winds up to 20 MPH.

4.Party Tent

With the capability to enclose with some extra cloth Lanmodo multifunctional car canopy can become a party tent which can host up to 7 to 8 people. With its USB feature disco lights, and colourful LED lights and can create the desired ambiance.

5.Outdoor Movie Theater

With silver reflective coating inside Lanmodo multifunctional car canopy can turn into a screen for your projector, now you can easily watch movies while outdoors.

Lanmodo multifunctional car canopy is one of the leading in the business and loved worldwide as the favourite brand for outdoor carport canopy. With tons of features and functionalities built with tough fiberglass material and free shipping, it is the best value for money product in the market.

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