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Lanmodo Car Canopy Offers Carefree Life to the Car And Its Owners

Mar 11, 2019, 4:44 pm / Brian Lageose
The word freedom is in itself so powerful that we all love to have that in our life. The car is one such asset in our life which gives us the freedom to make free movement wherever and whenever you want in your life. The car is expensive and so it needs the best protection and care to stay protected from damages mostly caused by nature. The concept of car canopy was designed to give the needed protection to the car when it is parked outside. Lanmodo made car canopy is designed to make life simple for car owners with the freedom to park their car anytime and anywhere under full protection.

Lanmodo car canopy offers outdoor protection everywhere and anytime

Traditional canopy is considered perfect when you need to park the car in front of the home when you are back home from outside. But what will happen if in case you need to travel out of the city where you need to drive down and park the car in some outdoor location with no safety facility? Damages to the car are common to see because of rain, snow, hail, dust, storm, harmful UV rays, falling objects, hot sunshine and many other natural attacks. You will always be in tension if you don't have the portable canopy with you to give the required shed to the car when parked outside in some outdoor location. Lanmodo car canopy is something that you need to take with when in outdoor location.
  1. It keeps the car safe from these aforementioned damages
  2. The process of installation is easy and complete installation can be done in less than 30 sec. To open and close the canopy you need to use the remote control as it's an automatic car canopy. It takes less than 8s to open or close
  3. If you have more than one car with you and wondering if you need to buy more than one car canopy then do not stress. This canopy is perfect to fit different cars, such as Sedan, SUV, Mini, and truck
  4. It is a portable, foldable and mobile canopy, which will occupy a little area of your room and in your car to fit for carrying everywhere and anytime for use
  5. The weight of the canopy is about 5-6 kg, but comes with strong suction to fix on the car roof and is windproof and can withstand strong wind having a speed of up to 30 mph
  6. You need to charge it 1 time and that will work up to 45 days

Lanmodo car canopy makes your life easy and improved

Above we understood how well, freewheeling car canopy manufactured by Lanmodo giving freedom to the car to get parked anywhere in an absolute carefree manner. Now we also need to know what freedom it actually offers to the owners of the car.
  1. The car canopy is easy to use and clean. This helps in saving time and energy which one need to invest for cleaning of traditional canopies for cars. This way you get the chance to have more time to enjoy life which you earlier wasted in cleaning the canopy.
  2. The Lanmodo canopy comes with a portable stand and so you can easily turn it into a courtyard umbrella, fishing umbrella, and beach umbrella. If you are fond of fishing and spending some good leisure time with friends together on the beach then this canopy will be of great use to you. It will offer you the needed protection from the piercing rays of the sun.
  3. If you are fond of outdoor camping then Lanmodo car canopy can turn into a camping tent to offer you the shed to rest and sleep at night in camping location. You can have fun outdoor activities and a wonderful day with family and friends without making any expense of renting a tent.
  4. If you want you can have them in customized colors, letters, patterns or characters as all customization is supported by Lanmodo. You can show off your personality or can use the canopy for advertising about your company and promote your business. Get the canopy customized with your company logo.
There is one Lanmodo Warning: Don't drive when you are using a car canopy! You may ask as for why is it so. Well, this may damage the structure of the canopy and so it is strictly mentioned not to keep it open when you drive.

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