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Important Car Care Tips for Different Weather Conditions

Mar 13, 2019, 2:26 pm / Evelyn Smith

Most people only think of car maintenance when the winter is around the corner, and as soon as this season is out of the way, everything falls back to normal. The same all negligence of the car. They forget that car maintenance is a practice that is supposed to be an all-year routine. You can agree with me that vehicles which are neglected during the other seasons of the year are less stable and can succumb to even the smallest mishap on the road. Therefore, this article is going to share with you some of the essential tips that you can apply to maintain your car during the different weather conditions.

1. Hot Weather: Take Care of your Battery!

The hot weather presents lots of conditions that are not always good for the battery in your car. The high temperatures are known to destabilize the oxidation process that takes places at the terminals of the battery. The insulating layer on the terminals of the battery age as a result of long-term use and cause the electrodes to be oxidized in the event of an increase in temperature. If you observe keenly at the negative electrode, you will notice some white paste. This is a white oxide, which is deposited at the head of the electrode and it may destabilize the voltage of the battery.

To prevent the above from taking place, ensure that you take your time to inspect and maintain your battery. This will prevent early leakage which may negatively interfere with its performance. Ensure that your battery is always at its fullest state when parking.

2. Cold Weather: Look at your Tires!

The tires on your car get pretty fragile during this particular condition of the weather. For instance, the rubber becomes stiff and brittle as a result of temperature drops and this, in turn, causes the coefficient of friction to drop. When this happens, your car becomes more prone to sliding on the road, and this could be the cause of a major road accident. Ensure that the pressure in the tires is adjusted to match the vehicle and road's condition. You do not want to drive your car in the cold weather with the pressure too high or too low. Also, ensure that you clean up the sundries in the tread of the tires without forgetting to replace the more worn out tires with newer ones. Last but not least, do a four-wheel balancing or change the tire position when permitted.

3. Rainy Weather: Take Care of Your Finish!

Rainwater contains dissolved minerals that make it unfriendly to your car's finish. The corrosive nature of this water affects both the body and the frame of your car, which is why you need to be extra careful during this weather condition. To prevent this from happening, ensure that you don't skip a cleaning schedule because this is how moisture accumulates leading to the growth of mold.

4. Windy Weather: Focus on Safety!

Safety is the most paramount element that you need to observe as a driver during the windy weather condition. This is because statistically, pedestrians and other non-motor vehicles on the road are usually very prone to accidents during the windy season. Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind: first, always drive with reduced speed and keep distance. Secondly, be observant to avoid distractions. Pay attention to ensure that you avoid trucks on the road and falling objects. It is also essential to be very keen whenever you are about to make a stop. This will help you a lot to avoid accidents on the road during this weather condition.

5. Prepare an All-weather Car Canopy for Your Car

The best car care option for all weather conditions is an all-weather car canopy as it is capable of offering full protection to your car in different weather conditions. The Lanmodo four-season protection car canopy is without a doubt the best car canopy for all weather conditions. It is easy to use and can be carried around with great ease since it is portable and foldable. It is designed to offer the best protection of your car against the hot sun, the rain and snow. Every time you have to park your car outside, it is best for you to use this car canopy to shelter it.

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