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How You Can Stay Cool in Your Car During Heat Wave?

Apr 22, 2019, 1:46 pm / Brian Lageose

Every season has some pros and cons. But one of the saddest cons of summer season is that the scorching rays of the sun make the condition unbearable for us in the daytime. It seems like the whole earth is getting roasted due to hot summer. It is quite understandable that staying in a heated car will be how much unbearable for you. But you can't avoid going outside and staying inside your car to drive and reach your work place every day. Is there any way out which can keep you stay cool in your car especially during heat wave? There are few suggestions which we have in our store and we will share them with you to help you stay cool inside your car.

Go for a portable car canopy: It is advisable for you to go for a portable car canopy to shield your car since you have to park it outside that gets overheat easily. A question may come to your mind as why we are talking about portable canopy. Well as the name suggests a portable car canopy can move with you and shield your car anytime and anywhere with no restrictions of time and place of parking. If you check you will find many companies manufacturing this product. Few among these car canopies like Lanmodo portable car canopy has a good function of keeping the car cool because of the material used in its manufacturing and the structure design. If you look at it you will feel that this car canopy is like a big umbrella to fully shelter your car. The roof of the Lanmado canopy it made out of high quality 3-layer PU silver coated Oxford cloth, which can well prevent most of the sunshine and UV rays directly falling on your car. In short it helps in keeping both the exterior and interior of the car cool and makes the people inside the car feel comfortable.

Hang a wet rag over the middle vent of the car: Make Use of the fan while the vehicle is on the accessory in order to ensure that you do not drain up the battery. The air which will pass through wet rag will make you feel much cooler when compared to the air present inside the car. Keep some good amount of wet rags ready with you inside the car so that you can replace it with other one as in general it dries out faster.

Freeze water bottles to use as ice packs: Make it a habit of keeping some freezed bottles ready at your home. Take them along with you in your car. You can use them as ice packs on your way to office or any other place during the hot day time. This will help you to stay cool.

Use a dashboard cover: The dashboard is the most vulnerable to get overheat because of the sense of electric current. Make use of a dashboard cover as it can reduce the heat from the sun.

Park in the shade: To stay cool each and every thing we use need to be shaded from the hot sun in summer days and here your car is no exception. Make a habit of parking the car under the shade of a tree or some shaded area. It is a golden rule whether for car itself or driver himself to stop the sunshine from falling on the car. But pay attention to the bird droppings and fallen leaves that may fall on the car when you park the car under the trees.

Keep windows slightly cracked: Always leave a gap in the window to let the fresh air outside come inside to take away the heatwave inside the car. This will make you feel comfortable when you step inside the car.

Get a solar-powered mini-fan: A solar-powered mini-fan is the best device to cool down you and your car temperature once the air conditioning is out of work.

Above are few things that you can do in order to stay cool in your car during heat wave. We are sure that you will find out tips useful and effective for your application.

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