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How to Protect Your Car from Water Spots?

Apr 1, 2019, 7:44 pm / Brian Lageose

Is the water spots seem a sore look for your eyes? Are they impeding your vision during driving? Are they too much stubborn? If all your answers are YES then congrats you are not alone! Actually, not only you but also there are a lot of car owners who are already fed up with these watermarks. Without any doubt, owning a car is an expensive investment and higher your class! But exactly what people feel when they see nasty marks on your car? They just feel that the owner is too lazy to maintain basic hygiene for the car. The pain gets doubled when you scrub properly and apply elbow grease although the spots do not disappear!

Avoiding the spots is not only making the car look dull but also creates vision problems for the driver. Taking any kind of risk may end up by inviting serious accidents. Why will you bother? Maybe they are stubborn but not impossible to remove. There are ways too! And lets' explore those in the below section -

What causes water spots?

Before knowing the ways of removing the spots, knowing the main causes of water spots is important. It will help you to avoid the spots in the future days.

If you wash the car directly under the sun then there is a great chance of spots. And that's why most of the professional car washing companies wash the cars under the shade. It has been noticed that a lot of people leave the car alone after the wash without properly wiping off with a dry and soft cloth. And it gradually results in stubborn spots on the glass and other body parts of the car.

Most of the people have sprinkler near the garage. But you need to maintain a safe distance. If your car stays too close to the sprinkler then little water can easily come in contact with the car and result in the spot. That's why you are suggested to park your car in a cool and dry place.

Apart from these, there is another big reason and that is the exposure of the car to rainwater for a long time. If there is dirt or corrosive substance on the surface, your paint gets badly damage after the water evaporates.

How to remove the spots?

Well, in order to remove the water spots you do not have to do anything bigger. You can accelerate your previous washing regime. But here you need to use a soft towel to wipe off the spots and clean the car properly. And for the final car wash, you need to use pure water. If the spots are too stubborn then you may need more than one-time wash in order to properly remove them.

How to prevent water spots?

If you want to avoid the water spots for a long time then only using a good coat of wax or sealant on the paint is the best option without investing huge bucks. If you find nasty water spots on the car then without making any unnecessary delay you should wash the car as soon as possible. Leaving the car with the spots for a long time will complicate the situation more. And the best option is you can go for a waterproof car canopy to cover your car. The Lanmodo car roof canopy can fully cover the entire car body from rainwater and dust. You can use it anywhere anytime as its lightweight and small package size feature and just with a remote, you have it easy to set up on the roof of the car and offer the best protection to it.

By following these ways, you can easily protect your car from the nasty and stubborn water spots and maintain a standard hygiene level. As a car owner treating your car in the best way is your responsibility. Just a little negligence on a regular basis can damage your car permanently or lead your car towards expensive maintenance. When you buy a car then you spend your huge hard-earned money and that's why ensuring its best functional life for a longer time of span is important.

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