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How to Protect Your Car from Fallen Leaf Damages?

Mar 12, 2019, 4:28 pm / Brian Lageose

Autumn is the perfect time to go for picnics under the tree with family and friends. You can enjoy amazing time with your loved ones under the tree, even as the leaves fall on you. However, do you think your car will enjoy the same pleasure when parked under the tree with leaves falling on it during the autumn? Have you ever thought of how much damage fallen leaves can cause to your car? It is important to emphasize that fall leaf damage can be very hazardous to the health of your car when it without a car cover. You therefore need to be conscious about where you park your car during the autumn.

How can leaves damage your car?

Damage to Car Paint: Trees and leaves contain gum and when there is a little autumn rain, the leaves produce a chemical reaction which may cause corrosion to the car paint. If your car has non-vehicle paints such as ordinary white paints, the damage can be more obvious. The car paint will be tarnished with slight inconsistent yellowish color which greatly detracts from the perfect finishing of the car. The color can also be deep into the white paint if it is corrosive and you may not be able to clean it off except you re-paint the car.

Pollute Air Conditioning Filter: Sometimes, small leaves and broken leaves find their way into the air inlet of the air conditioner which may be sucked into the air intake port. If these leaves are not cleaned out as soon as possible, the leaves will rot and get stuck into the air intake port. This will pollute the air conditioner filter and produce unpleasant odor.

Block Car Drain: When it rains during winter, the sediment and fine particles from the rain get mixed with the fallen leaves. If this accidentally falls into the sunroof drain hole or the drain hole of the wiper slot, it will block the hole and cause severe consequences. Since the drain hole cannot be drained, rainwater can leak into the vehicle through the seal strip. If this enters into the drain hole in the wiper slot, it may penetrate into the engine compartment and cause serious damages to the car engine.

How to avoid fall leave damage to your car?

Do not park your car directly under Trees: It is normal to feel that the tree provide some sort of protection to your car when you park under it, especially from sun. However, it is a wrong thing to do during autumn. As much as possible, avoid fallen leaves falling on your car.

Clear leaves from the surface of your car: If there are leaves on your car surface, clean them as soon as possible. Do not leave fallen leaves on your car for a minute longer than it has already stayed. Whenever you notice leaves on top of your car, clean them immediately.

Check your car hood frequently: Regularly lift your car hood to check if there are any leaves in it and remove any leaves you see in it. This prevent the leaves from getting stuck somewhere in the car and causing damage.

Get a car protection cover: A car cover like the Lanmodo car protection cover provides shelter for your car and prevent fallen leaves from settling on it. This brand of car protection cover also protects your car from dust, rain, snow, and hail during the other season. The Lanmodo car cover offers four-season car protection for your car. In addition to protecting your car, it can also be converted into a picnic umbrella. So if you are planning a picnic with your family and friends in the coming autumn, you can convert your Lanmodo car protection cover to a picnic umbrella and enjoy a beautiful time out with your loved ones.

It is important that you do not expose your car to the danger that comes with the autumn season. All you need is Lanmodo car protection cover to provide full protection for your car all year long.

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