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How to Keep Your Car Cool in Hot Summer?

Mar 11, 2019, 5:15 pm / Lara
Summer period is synonymous to hot days with the sun blazing very high up over the sky. It is the season when the temperature is so high that people feel bad and cranky with sweat dripping all over. It is also the season when people go out more to get air and reprieve from the hot weather. People are not the only ones that suffer from the effects of the sun; cars are also negatively affected by the hot sunshine and high temperature. One of the best ways to keep your car cool in the hot summer is to invest in a summer car canopy.

Harmful Impact of Hot Sunshine And High Temperature on Cars

During the hot days, cars are usually exposed to hot sunshine and high temperature which can be very harmful to the different parts of the car. Below are some of the harmful impacts that they can have on your car.
  1. Hot sunshine and high temperature can have a serious harmful effect on the paint of the car. When the car is consistently exposed to hot sun, the car paints gets old and starts fading, causing the car to lose its original luster and beauty. No doubt, hot sun can affect the lifespan of the paint on your car. However, with Lanmodo car canopy, you can protect your car from the harmful impact of the sun and make your car paint lasts long.
  2. High temperature can age the tires of your car. The tires can also blow up if they are parked under the blazing sun for a long period that lasts for three or more hours.
  3. Most of the interiors of a car are made of plastic. If exposed to fierce sunlight for a long time, the aging and deformation process of the plastic will be accelerated and the interior of the car can be damaged.
  4. When the car is exposed to high temperature and hot sun, some harmful gases and substances are generated such as formaldehyde. When these substances are inhaled by humans, it can have a fatal effect on the body system.
  5. Hot sun also affects the sealing performance of the car which can result in rubber deformation.
  6. All these harmful impacts have an overall effect on the car and the general environment. There are more health hazards in the environment and the security risks increase by a notch.

How to Keep Your Car Cool?

The only way to prevent all these harmful effects on your car is to keep it cool even in the hot days. Some of the ways in which you can keep your car cool are highlighted as follow.
  1. Find a parking lot with a shady space to park your car. Of course, this is not very easy for many drivers, especially if you are in a hurry to meet up with an appointment. Apart from wasting your time, you will also have to probably pay more money to get such a parking space.
  2. Get a carport to protect your car. Although this will protect your car, it can only be used at home. It is usually stationary and cannot be moved around.
  3. Buy Lanmodo car canopy. This is actually your best option of keeping your car cool at all times. You don't have to worry about parking space or not driving out of the house on sunny day. With Lanmodo car canopy, you can have your car sunshade for summer with you everywhere you go.

Why You Should Buy Lanmodo Car Canopy?

The car canopy from Lanmodo comes with exceptional features that make it an ideal car sunshade for summer season. Below are some reasons why you should consider the summer car canopy as the perfect choice of protection for your car in hot sun and high temperature.
  1. It features anti-heated mechanism which keeps your car temperature lower up to 36°C. Your car remains cool and comfortable inside when it is under the car canopy shade.
  2. It protects the car paint from being exposed to hot sun, thereby making it retain its luster and beauty.
  3. For it's portable and mobile, you can carry and use it everywhere as well as anytime, which can offer long protection to your car outdoor.
The Lanmodo car canopy comes with more features that make it the perfect choice for your car protection. It is also very easy to operate. It provides four season protection for your car and apart from protecting your car, it can also be converted into beach umbrella, fishing umbrella, and outdoor theater.

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