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Give the Best Protection to Your Car

Mar 6, 2019, 6:14 pm / Brian Lageose
Your car acts as a shelter for you and your family when outside of your home. But your car needs shelter too, especially when parked outdoors and in different extreme conditions. You cannot take your garage or home shelter with your car everywhere, but you can take your car canopy tent, especially Lanmodo car canopy tent which is easy to mount and install.

What does your car usually go through when outside?

Dust & Leaves

When your car is parked outside, it might face dust particles sticking to its surface and damaging it by friction on the outer layer hence exposing it to moisture and corrosion. Other times when you are parked below a tree or in a jungle, tree leaves may fall on your car and may stick to its surface in wet conditions. It leaves marks and ruins the look of your wagon.


When moisture levels are high due to the rain or high humidity condition like those of in tropical regions, it can have a toll on your car not only outside but also interiors; your very expensive interiors might get damaged through the growth of microorganisms on their surfaces. Once this growth happens, it can cause allergies and other problems in kids and people sitting inside the car.


Let's be practical here if you are outside of your parking home garage you won't find shed and might have to park in the sun for most of the times. Greenhouse effect will raise the temperature of your car, even more than the outside and even with A.C. it will take time to cool down before it is favorable to sit inside the car. This heat also damages the outside of your car.

Snow and Low Temperature

You love skiing and winter sports, You have dressed appropriately for the cold, but your car doesn't have the luxury of having extra layers to protect from this snow and cold it brings with it. If your car is unprotected from snowfall; the layers of snow on your car can decrease the temperature rapidly contracting the metal of car's body. This decrease in temperature will change the nature of various fluids in your car, thickening them and can impact your engine's performance. Batteries face the adverse effect of low temperature too; most of the tow companies tow the cars from the snow with dead batteries.

What should you do?

You can go to the maintenance shop for servicing, and repairing but the damage has already been done, its just waste of your money and time as your car can never be the same again.

Even if you rent a garage or carport to protect your car, it can't help you when you are parked while on the road or outdoors exploring the nature.

Get the best protection from Lanmodo

Buying a car canopy tent from Lanmodo is the answer to all your car problems mentioned above. This carport canopy tent protects your car surface by acting as a layer between your car and the elements like dust, falling leaves , snow and stops the rainwater from falling on the surface and seep in.
  1. The Lanmodo car canopy tent is automatic; you just need to press the button and relax as it unfolds and shelters your car.
  2. The robust nature of this car canopy tent makes it windproof and waterproof.
  3. Lanmodo is big enough to shelter your car, and can cool down your car temperature up to 36 degrees with its anti-heating system, now you don't have to wait for your A.C. to cool down the car, it's already down to a temperature that is appropriate to sit in and go.
  4. Lanmodo car canopy tent protects your car from falling snow which stops extreme cold conditions that can affect your car's performance by impacting car's battery and fluids. Available for all shapes and sizes of cars, Lanmodo stops the snow from accumulating on your car and prevent negative effects of low temperature that can impact your car.
  5. Lanmodo car canopy tent is a simple solution to all the problems that arise from elements of nature, and variation in temperature.
  6. It even makes your car easy to wash as the dust, and other filth is very less when your car canopy tent has been used outside while stationary. As they say in medical terms prevention is better than cure. Lanmodo car canopy tent prevents any damage to your car.

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