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Finding The Best Car Canopy For Outdoor Car Protection

Mar 11, 2019, 5:18 pm / Lara
Lanmodo outdoor car canopy is a wonderful protection for your car from all environmental hazards. The bliss of buying a new car can only be understood by the one who gets it. That lovely luxury from your hard earned money gives a wonderful view to your eye. In fact, only the imagination of traveling in your new car excites you. But the moment you take your first ride, you notice how your car's look gets damaged by the environmental factors. That is where you probably need a car canopy for outdoor car protection. To protect your car from all the damages on the go, all you need is a car canopy.

Environmental Damages That Cars Often Encounter

Whenever you park your car, regardless of wherever you go, you keep it exposed to different environmental factors that ruin or damage your car's look.
  1. Heat Or UV Rays From The Sun
Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight has many bad effects on your car's interior as well as exterior, especially when your car is static. It damages the car paint. At first, the excessive UV rays and heat diminish the shine and glossy look of your car. Then, it forces the paint to bubble and fall off your car.
  1. Rains/Hail
The rainwater adversely affects your car's finishing. If the rain is acidic, it damages your car paint and ruins the look. Even if it isn't, the dust particles and pollutants stick to your car with rainwater, and after the water dries off, these particles stay adhere to the paint, creating scars on the exterior. Besides, your car's electrical setup and wiring also get badly damaged due to rainwater.

Likewise, hailing and snow also damage your car's exterior due to sudden hits. Then, the subsequent melting of hail and snow promotes corrosion too.
  1. Falling/Scratching Objects
No matter how careful you remain while parking your car anywhere, you can almost never protect it from falling objects without an outdoor car canopy. From dust particles to grains, or other small objects, you never know when something hits your car. You can then expect to see anything from a scratch to a dent as damage.
  1. Bird Droppings
Bird dropping is something you can never avoid–neither for yourself nor for your car. Bird droppings are rich in uric acid. Hence, they adversely damage your car's surface.

Lanmodo Outdoor Car Canopy Protects Your Car From Damages

Lanmodo car canopy is a simple car tent that attaches to your car top. With one-touch wireless remote operation, it covers your car within 8 seconds.Buy the best outdoor car canopy to protect your car and enjoy its benefits which are as below:
  1. Protection From Natural Elements
The canopy is large enough to cover your car, protecting it from rainfall, hailing, snowfall and bird droppings.
  1. Oxford Cloth And Strong Fiberglass
It is made of Oxford cloth stretched on strong fiberglass for robust protection against friction. It is hard and very light to carry and good for car protection.
  1. Regulates Car's Temperature
It regulates your car's temperature during extreme weathers. In hot summers, it keeps your car protected from sun rays, and cools the car interior up to 36 degrees.
  1. Anti-Theft System
Besides, you don't have to worry about its theft. Unlike most car covers, it comes with an anti-theft system that clings it with your car.
  1. Compatible With All Car Shapes
The Lanmodo outdoor car canopy comes in a universal design, fitting all car shapes, like Sedan, SUV, or Jeeps. In addition, it is highly manageable and easily washable too.

Other Benefits And Applications of Lanmodo Outdoor Car Canopy

Lanmodo car canopy is also beneficial than any other outdoor carport canopy. Instead of being fixed, it is highly portable, so you can take it with you anywhere. Moreover, it is not just a car canopy but also serves various other purposes. For instance,
  1. Use it as a canopy on beaches while relaxing with your loved ones.
  2. Can become a camping tent. Simply plug in a LED bulb to its USB port for charging to hold a night camping party, it can shelter 6-7 people easily.
  3. The silver coating inside of the canopy can serve as a movie screen; now you can enjoy your favorite movie outdoors with a projector.
  4. Customizable design lets you decorate your canopy in any way you want. It supports custom letters, patterns, colors and even your company's logo. It is DIY supported, there are no limitations.

Wrapping It All

Protecting your car from environmental hazards is imperative to prolong your car's life. Lanmodo outdoor car canopy offers a great way to protect your car wherever you go. Enjoy rides with prolonged hassle-free stopovers throughout the year, your car is protected.

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