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Driving Skills in Snowy Days

Mar 12, 2019, 5:51 pm / Brian Lageose

Winter comes with different elements and snow is one of them. When it comes to driving in the snow, extra care must be exercised to avoid getting into any form of accident. As a matter of fact, driving in the snow requires a lot of skills. Apart from your driving skill, you must also learn some driving tips and car protection that will keep you and your car safe during the snowy days. In this article, we look at the special skills you must exercise in order to be able to drive safely in a snowy day.

Drive slowly-- In winter season, pavement adhesion coefficient due to ice and snow is very low. Wheels skid easily, and driving becomes more dangerous. Therefore, it is very important that you lower your speed to ensure safety. You should also drive at a steady pace and do not speed too fast. In addition, avoid fierce acceleration at all cost. Also, when acceleration or deceleration is required, the throttle should be stepped on or loosened slowly in order to prevent the wheel from slipping as a result of sudden acceleration or deceleration.

Maintain driving distance-- On snowy and ice road, it is very easy to get involved in rear-end accident. Therefore, let there be significant distance between your car and other vehicles ahead of you. Keep a proper distance with the vehicle in front of you. Ideally, the distance between your car and the vehicle in front should be more than two times the normal distance you would have on a regular day. In case the vehicle ahead of you suddenly decelerates, you should immediately loosen your acceleration and put your foot on the brake pedal. You cannot afford to lose concentration for a second when driving in the snow. You must be fully conscious and alert to everything happening around you.

Slow down first before you turn-- When you need to make a turn, slow down first and properly increase the turning radius and drive slowly. Hold the steering wheel with both hands and gently make a turn for a smooth operation. If you suddenly turn, side slide will likely occur. You should never slam on the brakes in a bend in order to avoid the car getting out of control.

Don't overtake-- When on icy and snowy roads, it is crucial that you avoid overtaking. One major reason for this is because it is not appropriate to accelerate on ice and snow roads. Another reason why acceleration is not appropriate is that it piles up snow on the roadside as you sweep through the snow, and this will make the road narrow. Accelerating when the road is narrow is dangerous because it can cause head-on collision with other cars. When you really need to overtake, you need to choose a section of the road that is spacious, flat, and with less snow and ice. You should never force overtaking. When you exceed the car in your front, do not change your lane immediately but try to give a safe distance for the overtaking.

Avoid stopping in the snow-- In snowy days, you should choose open space without snow and ice as much as possible when driving; and hold the handbrake tight. If it is necessary for you to stop on the snow and ice pavement, try to look for a part of the pavement that is windy, sunny, flat, and dry to park. Do not park close to utility poles, buildings, or other vehicles in order to avoid collisions during side sliding.

Park your car under a shelter-- To avoid snow accumulating on your car and getting your car stuck, it is essential to park your car under a shelter. When it comes to outdoor parking, it is a wise choice to use a winter car canopy like the Lanmodo winter car canopy to protect your car from hail and snow. The Lanmodo car canopy is made of sturdy fiberglass structure and durable roof cloth. This will fully protect your car from winter elements and prevent snowflakes from falling directly on the car roof which can create a hard-clean backlog. Using the Lanmodo car canopy is very simple as all you need is to operate it with a remote control. With one click, your car canopy is up and protecting your car. It is also portable and easy to carry and store in your car trunk.

It is very crucial to exercise caution and care when driving on snowy days. Accidents happen a lot during this season and it is important to protect yourself and your passengers from any form of hazards. Follow the tips highlighted above when driving in other to protect yourself and other road users. And for the full protection of your car, the Lanmodo winter car canopy will be the perfect choice.

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