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Customize a Unique Car Canopy for Your Ford

Mar 13, 2019, 11:31 am / Brian Lageose

Use of car canopy is common these days. Almost each one of us want the best protection for our cars and so use of car covers are a must to ensure that it is safe when parked outside.

Since there are many car canopies in the market and most of the time we get confused to decide which one will be best for the car we own. We end up buying one which is common and used by many but that does not help us to stand out in the crowd of car owners. Use of customized car canopy makes your car look unique. Are you a Ford car owner? If yes, then we can very well understand how sentimental you are towards your car. Your new Ford must prefer a unique portable car canopy from Lanmodo.

1. Customized Lanmodo car canopy is available for nearly all car models

Do you know that there are two size of Lanmodo car canopy? One is 3.5M and other one is 4.8M, both of them can be used for your Ford car model either Sedan, SUV, Pickup Minivan, etc. or your Ford F-150. The 4.8M one is much bigger to fully cover your car. It's up to you to decide which Lanmodo car canopy you want. Even in the case you don't have a Ford with you; still you can go with this brand canopy as it fits to all car models.

2. Customize the color to suit for your Ford model

Customization is something which we want for almost everything we do and use in life. We want customized dress, customized accessories, customized decoration and so many things in life. Then why to stay away from customization when the decision is to pick the right set of car canopy for your Ford car? Normally there are 3 colors of Lanmodo available in the market. The colors are navy, black and silver. You can choose one of them as per your choice and preference. After combining your hobby with color coordination of your car, you can customize the color of the car canopy.

3. Printing of letters or patterns/logo on the car canopy

If you are planning to make the car canopy bit more customized for your Ford then why not get the name of Ford with its trademark printed on the customized car canopy by Lanmodo. Trust us this will turn the look of the canopy even more sophisticated and attractive. On the other hand, if you are looking for making promotion of your company without investing much on advertisement then this car canopy can help you a lot. You can get your advertisement information printed on the canopy along with your company logo. This will promote your company in a complete hassle free manner when you cover the car in some outdoor open parking spot with it.

4. The Lanmodo customized car canopy moves with you

Lanmodo car canopy is aimed to offer carefree car protection. By this we mean to say it can protect your Ford where and when you go. With the foldable design and its small package, you can carry Lanmodo car canopy without any limitation for outdoor parking. It occupies very little space in your car trunk and so you can store it easily. Even in the case when you are going for some outdoor weekend tour, then protection of your car is something that haunts you. Lanmodo car canopy will move with you and protect the car in the parking lot at outdoor location. A Lanmodo customized car canopy not only helps to protect your car from outdoor damage but also helps you easily find out your Ford in the big open-air parking lot.

If you are feeling that this is the end of the list of features and benefits of Lanmodo car canopy then you are wrong. There are many more advantages you can enjoy from this car canopy carefully designed by the experts of Lanmodo team. You can make use of the canopy as a beach or fishing umbrella. Aside to this it can also play the role of a comfortable tent for your outdoor camping trips with friend and families. It can accommodate close to 7 people comfortable. Are you ready to pick Lanmodo car canopy for your Ford car? Buy it soon and stay stress free for car maintenance.

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