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Available Tips to Prep Your Car for Spring

Mar 13, 2019, 1:59 pm / Evelyn Smith

The months of winter are quite different from spring seasons and so we need to take different care in both the months for our health and wellbeing. Just in the similar manner we need to be attentive towards care and maintenance of cars in winter and spring. But what will your approach of maintenance for car in month of spring just after winter is over? We are sharing few tips with you which we feel will help you in taking best car care for spring.

Tip 1 Switch out those winter tires

That common pliable tread rubber which helped you in adding traction in the tires will start wearing down very fast in the warm temperature of spring. Spring and other month's tires excluding the winter months are designed uniquely to withstand the warm temperature and thus provides long life to the tires. But if you don't change it then faster it will wear out and you will be forced to replace it for safety reasons. So you need to switch out those winter tires. Wondering what to do in this regard? Well you need to take your car to the mechanic shop and they will remove the winter tires with the spring one.

Tip 2 Do some spring car cleaning

Cleaning of car is important for all the seasons and you need to continue that even in the months of spring or else your spring outing road trips may suffer. You need to take care of the car interior carpentering and upholstery. Clean the seats and carpets carefully to remove all dry dirt. Clean the consoles and reorganize. Use window cleaner to clean both in and out glass of the windows. Go for a good car washing of the exterior body. You can also go for waxing of the car exterior. Check the wiper condition, if it needs replacement then go for it.

Tip 3 Take a look at your battery

During the winter months your car needs extra time to start off and the reason is the cold weather which turns hard on the starter as well as the alternator and the battery need to work really hard. When the spring arrives it is important for you to test the battery of the car to ensure that it has sufficient liquid left in it. If you find it at the lower end or not sure about the level take it to a car expert for check and necessary action.

Tip 4 Check up on your brake

The pads of your brake will not be capable to press hard enough against the drum to make the car stop. Worn pads along with insufficient brake fluid can cause a very harmful and deadly accident for you in the months of spring. Even you may find water building up inside the fluid of the brake leading to harmful corrosion in the system of braking. You need to take the car straight away to a professional car mechanic for the brake inspection and servicing to avoid any accident.

Tip 5 Inspect your wiper blades and lighting

Is your driving visibility degraded at time of driving the car in the months of spring? If yes, then you need to change them immediately by visiting a mechanic. It happens because wiper blades fail to make needed contact with windshield reducing the driving visibility. Since there often rains in spring, you also need to check your sealing of lighting. If there is rainwater inside, it will affect the direction of illumination, prong to cause car accident, especially at night.

Tip 6 Change your oil and check your fluids

We already mentioned in one of the above points that during winter the brake and engine need to work really hard to make the car functional on road and so chances are high that oil and fluid level may remain low, so you need to check it. Get it checked by expert and reenergize the car with oil and fluids.

Tip 7 Go for a best spring car canopy

Daily care and car protection is also important for the performance of the car in spring. Here you need to use a car canopy to shed the car from dust, rainwater and bird droppings for open-air parking. The Lanmodo car canopy will be a good choice as it is durable and sturdy. Because of its light weight and small package, you can easily carry it to use anywhere, anytime. Aside to this, this car canopy can be used as the outdoor tent for your spring outing. If you have more than one car, then it can suit all of them, offering well protection of their main body.

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