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All Car Lovers Should Know: New Creative Lanmodo Portable Car Canopy

Mar 6, 2019, 4:58 pm / Lara
While thinking of buying car canopy there are some important factors to put into consideration. It is important you take a look at the pros and cons of the canopy you want to buy. That will help you to make smart decision and choice regarding buying suitable and best car canopy for your vehicle protection. This post is organized to offer readers information about the new innovative mobile car umbrella in the market known as Lanmodo car umbrella.

Part 1: People's Views When They Go For Ordinary Car Canopy

1 Car canopy usually come in big size protecting the entire body of a car from bad and harsh weather. It is also good enough to protect a car against snow and rain drop with the snow-proof and raindrop-proof feature. That made it desirable by most car owners and car lovers. In fact, with this canopy for cars, you will not worry about the harsh summer weather or the freezing cold associated with the winter. The big size of this canopy is the number one in the list of cons associated with it. It is so large that installation requires the help of more than one person. In fact, installation of this canopy is difficult mostly when there is no enough people to help out.
2 Depending on the present need, vehicle canopy can serve several purposes including as party tent and others. Kids in the garden yard or even family that want to enjoy nice time together through family weekend can make use of this canopy. If you do not want the canopy car that will give you stress to clean when dirty, then you should not go the large type mentioned here. The difficulty involves in cleaning this kind of canopy is among the reasons why most car owners do not like going for it.
3 With the help of one or two people, this canopy can be installed or set up in home yard provide shade to car inside the yard. Also, two or more people can carry this canopy when there is need to move it from one point of the home yard to another. The use of this canopy is restricted to the place where it is installed. If installed at home, it can only protect the car at home. It is only used at home and does not move around with car, so your car will lack protection when you move it away from home.

Part 2: Important Features You Should Know for Better Choice Portable Car Canopy

There are so many reasons why new innovative and Lanmodo car umbrella is known as the best car canopy. The reasons include:
  1. Can serve several purposes at the same time including serving as rain-proof, sunshade as well as snow-proof with guaranteed perfection. That means when you have Lanmodo car umbrella, you have everything you need to ensure absolute protection of your car from any element.
  2. Quite portable and can be carried along in car truck when not in use or carried on top of a car while in use without any form of problem. In that regard, your car will always be protected when you have this car umbrella covering it.
  3. Comes in automatic design which is quite easy to use and even easy to set up, can be set up within 30 seconds and usually open within 8s.That simply means there will be no time wasting when you make use of Lanmodo car umbrella for your car protection. Even your child can set up the umbrella just with a press on the remote control.
  4. Overall protection from all forms of elements including dust, rain, snow, bird droppings, leaves and any other dirt around.
  5. Simple and easy to clean and wash. You will not need to pass through any form of stress for you to either wash or clean up dirt on this innovative and well built modern car lanmodo car umbrella. The fabric used to design the canopy can also be changed from one color to another.
  6. Perfectly suit for several car sizes and types including sedan, Jeep, mini, Suv, pickup and lots more. In fact, no matter the kind of car you have Lanmodo car canopy are just what you need to perfectly protect your car.

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