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A Great Car Canopy Suits for Nearly All Cars

Mar 13, 2019, 11:29 am / Lara

When you have a car with you, let be it luxury or small one, you stay very emotional towards it especially in the case if it is the very first car of yours. But being emotional is not enough to take the right care for the car. You need to make investment for car protection, which can be done using finest quality car canopy. But the question that will pop up in your mind is that which one is the best car canopy in the market. One of the highly recommended one is Lanmodo Pro car canopy. We are sure that if you use it you will also start recommending the same to all. But why? This is the question again on your mind. Scroll down to know the reasons.

  1. One Click To Set Up Lanmodo Pro. The automatic Lanmodo Pro car canopy is easy to set up by using a remote control. Even open or close needs 8s and the entire installation process does not exceed 30s. This way it makes your life easy. A single press on the remote and the work is done. You will not require the help of others to get the installation done, which may be needed in case of fixed car sheds.
  2. Big Enough to Fully Cover Various Cars. In case you have 2 or more cars with you and just a single shed to park at home then accommodating all will not be possible. But having aLanmodo Pro car canopywill solve your problem easily. The size of Lanmodo Pro is 4.8m*2.3m, which is big enough to fully cover the main body of almost all car models. Unlike custom fitted car cover, get one Lanmodo Pro can be used for all your cars alternatively. When you drive one car out, you can use it for your another car.
  3. Extreme Fold-able Car Parking Shade. The disadvantage of the fixed car canopy is that you cannot fold it and carry it with you. The process of installation also remains complicated. On the other hand Lanmodo Pro car canopy is the perfect car shade for your car in hot summer. The hot sunshine won't fall directly on your car under the shelter of Lanmodo Pro. High temperature won't break your car as it can cool down your car temperature up to 36 degrees compared to those without a car canopy. It becomes really uncomfortable for the driver to drive the car which is parked under no shade especially in outdoor location. But using this canopy you will ensure that the interior remains comfortable for the driver in the sunny summer days.
  4. Prevent Cars From All Damage. Lanmodo Pro is made of sturdy architectures and fiberglass materials as well as wearable Oxford tarpaulin, which keeps your car safe from daily damages. No worry about damages caused to car surfaces because of snow, hail and falling objects. Once it get dirty, it will be easy to clean with spray of water on the canopy surface.
  5. Anti-theft Design Keeps Everything Safe. Theft of car is common to hear and so we need to take the required protection to keep our car safe. You needn't worry about your great Lanmodo Pro and the car as it will be difficult for the thieves to do so since it has an anti-theft design. First, an anti-theft belt is attached from suction base to front doors to keep Lanmodo Pro in safe status. With steel wires inside, the belt cannot be cut easily. Secondly, a remote control is used to open or close Lanmodo Pro car canopy. So stealing it without remote is meaningless. As without it, one can't use it. You can customize a unique car canopy printing your name letters or publicly available personal information, and then no one will steal your Lanmodo Pro. We are sure that sounds real interesting to you.

If the search is for the best car canopy then look no further than the Lanmodo car canopy. You will get 100% satisfaction. The customer reviews of this product are also excellent and car owners love the advantages and features it offers. To keep the well protected invest in Lanmodo car canopy.

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