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7 Advantages to Use the Lanmodo Car Camping Tent

Mar 11, 2019, 5:31 pm / Lara

We all love self-driving tours. Camping tends to be a widely preferred choice of youngsters and travel buffs in this regard. However, modern day travelers don't feel satisfied with mundane camping tents. That's why we have created the perfect, tech-savvy and stylish camping tent for you, the Lanmodo car camping tent.

For avid campers, investing into a car camping tent is very beneficial. Lanmodo camping tent ensures that you enjoy an amazing tour. It has been designed skillfully to match the needs of travelers on the go. The advantages of using this camping tent are many. Let's check them out:

Versatility of Use:

Lanmodo car camping tent is quite different from other camping tents simply because it can multi-task. Don't think that it can only be used as a car protection umbrella; it is just as good as a camping tent. You can easily convert it into a large camping tent whenever you need to or use it as a shelter for your vehicle. It works excellently both ways.


There are many car camping tents available but few is as light-weight, portable, convenient to use as Lanmodo car camping tent. This amazing tent can be taken almost everywhere you go. It can be closed and opened easily with just a click of the remote control. Whether you are going for fishing or enjoying a day at the beach, it can be taken along with ease.

Easy Installation:

Installing Lanmodo car camping tent is really easy. The entire process doesn't take too long to be completed and you can perform installation well. To install the unit, first erect a portable stand onto which the tent will be fixed. Once the stand is properly erected and the umbrella is also fixed, use the remote control to open the umbrella. You can now easily set up the tent using the side canopies, and connect them to the umbrella. Finally use the stabilizing tent pegs to ensure a firmly raised tent.

Highly Roomy:

This camping tent is seriously spacious. You won't need to take any extra shelter with you when you are taking Lanmodo car camping tent. It is so wide that you can easily accommodate 7 people at once. By converting it into a house, the whole family will be able to avail maximum comfort at nighttime. By adding some personal touches such as LED lights, you can further enhance the environment and make it more homely.

USB Port Offers Added Convenience:

It is so difficult to keep your mobile devices charged when you are camping out. Having our mobile phone's battery down is nothing short of a nightmare. With the emergence of smart phones, it has become easier to stay connected to your loved ones and keep your profile updated. However, one of the drawbacks of these devices is their limited battery backup. This problem has been convincingly solved by Lanmodo camping tent. With the addition of a USB port, you can easily charge mobile devices.

Colorful LEDs Add Brightness to your Night Party:

This camping tent is an extremely user-friendly product. You can easily convert into a party platform and enjoy excellent time out at campsite. The camp can be transformed into a full-fledge house by installing colorful LED lights. It makes your family picnic time even more memorable because you can sit comfortably in the camp with others and play all types of indoor games. This car camping tent is indeed the best option if you want to make the most out of your outdoor activities.

Outdoor Movie Theater:

When you are out for camping, there isn't much to do except fishing, hiking and bonfire. We suggest you take a portable projector along with Lanmodo car camping tent. This stylish car camping tent can easily be converted into an outdoor movie theatre. You just need to install the projector after setting up the canopy and enjoy the time with a great movie, and of course a cup of coffee. Having your friends or family along will make the time even more fun-filled.

Without a portable and multi-purpose car camping tent, you simply cannot enjoy your outdoor camping tours. Lanmodo has designed the ultimate camping tent for you. It transforms the way you entertain yourself and your friends/family when on the go. We recommend it especially for those who love self-driving tours. It will be your true companion. So what are you waiting for? Get your Lanmodo Car Camping Tent Today.

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