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Lanmodo Automatic Sunshade VS Traditional Car Cover

Mar 2, 2019, 2:22 pm / Evelyn Smith
Being almost late to afternoon shift work can make it difficult for you to remember covering your car against effect of the sun when you reach the office. You can easily be tempted to leave your car uncovered even with intense head of the sun while in a hurry to meet up with something. But the situation should have been easy to handle if you have automatic car umbrella. You can cover your car as you park when you have automatic sunshade for car. The Lanmodo automatic car umbrella is what you need to ensure overall cover on your car without stressing yourself. This article is dedicated to compare Lanmodo automatic sunshade Vs Traditional Car Cover. Placing these two major items side-by-side is to make sure that car users know the best to choose at any point in time. You will find out more about features of the traditional car cover and Lanmodo sunshade to be on better position to choose rightly when the time comes. That is why you should read through the professional comparison here.

Part 1: The Traditional Car Cover

Though traditional car cover does cover entire body of cars, it is not without disadvantages. Some of the downsides of traditional car cover you need to know are:
  1. Difficulty to setup
  2. Setup is time consuming
  3. Involves manual installation
  4. It is quite inconvenient
  5. The fabric always rubs on car surface.

Another thing you need to know about traditional car cover is that while it can completely cover your car, it does not help to decrease high temperature. In fact, the temperature of your car can even increase when you park your car in place with direct sunlight covering it with traditional car cover. That is another con associated with traditional car cover making it not desirable to most people.

The traditional car cover does not fit in all situations and environments. In fact, it will not be best option when you are searching for best car cover for outdoor use for camping. For that reason, if you are looking for car cover that will completely cover your car while camping outdoor, you need to think of auto canopy carport single handedly manufactured by Lanmodo. There are many other downsides associated with traditional car cover which you need to consider before thinking of going for it for any reason.

Part 2: New Automatic Lanmodo Car Sunshade

The Lanmodo car shade is the best automatic car umbrella built with tech improved features. It is controlled with the help of Remote controller which only take about 8 seconds to open the umbrella to the full dimension. The remote function from 98ft distance away from the car and installation of the umbrella only takes complete 30 seconds. The installation is not only easy but also quite convenient. That is why you have to consider adding this auto umbrella to your car. The pros associated with this Lanmodo car sunshade you need to know include:
  1. Installation and setup only take few seconds
  2. It is an easy to use automatic car umbrella
  3. User does not need to operate it in person as it operate automatically
  4. It is controlled by remote controller.
The Working Principle of Lanmodo Automatic Sunshade The working of this sunshade is quite convenience with quite automatic theory. Another interesting thing about this is that it does not involve direct contact with hand for it to unfold or fold back when you do not want it. Also, it does not touch the car surface preserving the surface of your car from getting scratched which is always the case with traditional car cover.With the anti-heated system of this automatic umbrella, it is always able to cool the temperature of car to the normal. For that reason, you will not need to worry about interior dry rotten of your vehicle when you have this automatic umbrella covering your car. It is equally nice for you to know that this Lanmodo is not just a sunshade but also serve other purposes. You will be sure of complete dust proof as well as rain proof. Bird droppings will not your problem when you have this auto umbrella covering your car. So, you will be sure of all round protection of your car when you buy Lanmodo automatic sunshade. Lanmodo Is the Mobile Auto Canopy You Need
If you like tech improved mobile automatic carport then, you should consider going for Lanmodo auto umbrella offered here. This automatic, convenience and easy to use car umbrella will grant you the excitement you need to cruise in your car even when the temperature is already hot outside. In fact, if you think that your car needs sunshade cover, the best choice you need is Lanmodo built with the features that will suit you best. You need not go for the traditional car cover that will stress you up to set up without saving your car from high temperature and heat.

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