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The Best Way to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer - Lanmodo Car Umbrella

Mar 6, 2019, 4:47 pm / Brian Lageose
You want to buy a car umbrella that will give you better opportunity to protect your car irrespective the weather? No worry as what you need is the second generation Lanmodo car canopy. It is built with the features that will make it just the best canopy you needs. It is built with perfect features, improved functionalities and tech improved addition that made it better. Therefore, if you have the first generation of this umbrella you should consider upgrading to the latest version. This version has the entire features that will give you what you need to ensure all round protection.

Part 1: Lanmodo makes your car temperature cool down 36°C this summer

Summer is around the corner and those that do not have specially made cover will suffer heat over their car. Though the first generation is made perfect for heat control, the second generation is just what you need. It is built with enhanced features that will make it better for health control. In fact, you are going to be sure of reducing the temperature of your vehicle up to 36°C when you make use of umbrella for car offered here. This high-tech Lanmodo umbrella second generation is made of 210D Oxford cloth. This cloth is known for the structure that allows for easy air flow. That is why it is always effective in control heat when used to cover car during summer. Therefore, with the help of Lanmodo car cover, you will not feel uncomfortable while in your car after exposing it to the sun. It is built to give shade to the entire body of car protecting the car from intense heat from the sun.

Part 2: Folding portable structure protect your parked car anytime

One other thing that made Lanmodo second generation the best car umbrella shade is that is I built with easy folding structure. The perfect folding is made with portable structure ensuring that your car is well protected at any point in time when it parked under the sun or rain. To proof to you about the portability of the folding structure of this car umbrella, the size is big enough to cover entire car. The cover size of this car umbrella is about 3.5 X 2.1 M ensuring proper coverage on the entire car irrespective of the kind of car. Also, when folded, the size is just 87 cm weighing 6kg making it one of the most portable umbrellas on the internet. It is an automatic car umbrella designed with high-tech features. By weighing just 6 kilogram simply means you can easily put it inside your car trunk before occupying the entire space. Also, you can even carry the folded umbrella anywhere you go including while going to outdoor camping and others. This is reason second generation car umbrella is now the best to keep your car cool even during summer heat.

Part 3: Lanmodo comes more over 20 extensive features

Lanmodo simply holds solution to all your outdoor needs. Your car is going to be protected perfectly when you make use of improved Lanmodo umbrella provided for you here. Even as the first generation Lanmodo is known to be great, the second generation is just greater. It is amazingly built with more than 20 extensive features. The features you should know about include:
  1. Have been converted into camping tent big enough to accommodate up to 7 people at a time. That means you and your family members can easily make use of the second generation Lanmodo umbrella and be sure of absolute coverage.
  2. Change into beach umbrella, fishing umbrella and even yard umbrella. In that regard, just by getting this umbrella you will not need to invest into another as it can do multiple functions for you.
  3. The base is built with USB port for light use or even to plug in USB lights for night fishing and other use. So, no need of torch light when you already have Lanmodo second generation umbrella with you.
  4. Use the canopy as movie screen when there is need for private theatre.
Truly, you will be sure of getting absolute overage for your car when you make use of this improved version of car umbrella shade.

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