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Useful Tips for Winter Camping

Mar 13, 2019, 11:27 am / Evelyn Smith

Are you an adventure lover? Do you like camping in the months of winter? Well if yes, then we are sure that it must be an exciting and challenging experience for you all the time. It's quite tough to communicate and mingle with nature in camping especially during winters. But it's important to understand everything in the world, and to understand the meaning of life is one of the greatest beauties of life. Are you planning to go out for a winter camping outing in the month of December? Great choice and to make a wonderful self-driving winter camping, you should keep following tips in mind.

  • 1. Keep clothes and equipment dry: As the camping is in the months of winterit is important for you to concentrate towards the drying of gloves and socks.In regards to dressing, the outermost layer should be a jacket or a soft shell, which is windproof and breathable. The next or the intermediate layer can be the fine holding material with good heating performance. The innermost layer needs to be the best for sweating underwear. You need tokeep the shoes as well as small accessories warm. You can carry a small heater with you to keep you warm and comfortable when use shoes and accessories for winter camping needs.

  • 2. Precautions for pitching a tent or camp: Choose a place where you can avoid the flow of cold wind. Install the tent facing east and with a slope to camp. You need to pay attention towards the surrounding environment in order to prevent accidents especially from fire, electric failure and last but not the least wild life attacks. Secure the camping tent with nail, sleigh, etc. If you are taking your portable car cover of Lanmodo to your camping destination then take advantage of it. This car cover can be used as the outdoor tents to protect persons, not just for cars. It's so easy to set up it as a camping tent which has big size to shelter 6-8 persons and even more if all are of slimmer body shape. You can sleep in a sleeping bag inside the tent. If you don't have a sleeping bag, use a blanket to make sure you sleep warm. Be careful not to put sleeping bags on the cold ground directly.

  • 3. Maintain the temperature in the sleeping bag: Down sleeping bag is the best option for your camping night stays. The bag must do well as moisture-proof sleeping unit. If it gets wet, then it will be hard for you to dry. If you feel cold in the morning or before bedtime, do some exercise in your sleeping bag and drink hot drinks. This will help to keep your body temperature warm. Ensure you are not wearing too much when into a sleeping bag. Wearing too much will make you sweat, causing the sleeping bag to be wet, and the heat insulation will be reduced. So be careful in this regard.

  • 4. Winter outdoor water intake: The winter months remain frozen, and the calories needed for camping are almost twice than the summer months. Many times we need to melt snow or ice to get water and drink boiling water to replenish heat. Ensure you intake enough water and food to keep energy intact within you. It's good to have a heater with you as this will help you to melt down the snow faster to get enough water to drink.

  • 5. Winter outdoor cooking: You need to stay active and energetic at the time ofcamping and so you need to take enough food for the same or you will turn weak. Make sure you carry some fast food with you to get it instantly when you need it. Your food should give you enough calories. High-calorie foods with fat should be selected for lunch. Don't consume cold food but heat it first and then eat it. This will keep your tummy full yet light for enjoying camping trip.

In case you are hiring tent separately then still you should take your Lanmodo winter car cover with you to keep your car protected and free from the damage due to snowfall or winter acid rain.

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