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5 Wonderful Ideas to Add Fun to Your Winter Vacation

Mar 12, 2020, 4:42 pm / Lara

The events of Christmas and New Year are right around the corner. It's the ideal time to plan some sensational activities to rejuvenate yourself from the everyday stressful life. Hence we have listed some wonderful ideas to make your winter vacation more exhilarating.

1. Road trips

Discover the spectacular landscape of your state which is full of rolling hills, highways, coasts, and plains. During a road trip, you may also get to know more about each state's culture and tradition, moreover, you may encounter fascinating historical places.


A road trip is the best way to bond with your family or friends. In a small car, you make a bundle of memories. You can talk about various subjects, listen to songs together, eat under a single roof, and laugh together over some silly stuff. Moreover, you can take turns to drive the car if there is another individual who knows how to drive. This way it won't get exhausting to choose a long road trip.

-Recommended routes

  1. The stunning Pacific Coast Highway route that stretches for about 700 miles.
  2. The scenic Great Smoky Mountains National Park is worth visiting.
  3. The Florida Keys will make your 113 miles unforgettable.


Before hitting the roads get all your things organized appropriately. Make sure to carry an extra blanket and warm clothes. Also, carry a coffee maker to keep yourself active as well as warm during the journey. Get your car checked by a professional mechanic to avoid any kind of inconvenience during the trip. During winters the nights are longer and the days are shorter, hence for a safe driving experience make sure to equip your car with a reliable driver assistant system, like Lanmodo Vast car night vision camera. This device will help you to clearly perceive the road ahead of you, especially during low light conditions. It will assist you in alerting about any cyclist, pedestrian, or any other potential hazards which may be difficult to see during nighttime. The affordability and versatility of the product is a huge plus point.

2. Skiing

Get ready to explore the mesmerizing landscape around you by skiing on the impressive mountain terrains. Experience the rush of adrenaline and feel the cold air on your nose and cheeks. Not only skiing allows you to perceive a picturesque landscape, but it is also a very beneficial activity for your health.


Along with being a refreshing activity, skiing is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that significantly helps to burn calories. According to Harvard Medical School research, an individual who performs downhill skiing for 30 minutes and weighs 185 pounds burns 266 calories. Furthermore, skiing strengthens the lower body muscles and assist an individual to master the art of balancing and changing positions swiftly. The list of benefits goes on.

-Recommended ski resort

  1. Jackson Hole is one of the best lift networks in the country. The ski resort consists of mostly steep and remarkable terrain which makes this place an ideal place to ski for experts. It also consists of easily accessible back-country terrain.
  2. Telluride is the resort in Colorado, which consists of ravishing views which will definitely leave you breathless. The resort comprises 148 skiing routes, including beginner-friendly paths and rugged trails for experts.
  3. Vail, the most visited resort by the tourists. The resort consists of a vast skiing area out of which 18 percent of trails are for beginners, 29 percent are for intermediates, and 53 percent are for the expert skiers and snowboarders.


Pack your bag properly and prepare a checklist beforehand so that you don't miss out on important equipment needed for skiing. If you are carrying your own ski, get it serviced by waxing the bases and sharpening the edges. Purchase clothes and boots of the finest quality that are specifically designed for skiing purposes. Hit the gym and make sure that you are fit and flexible to perform skiing exercise.

3. Mountain climb

There is nothing more pleasing and satisfying than reaching the peak of the mountain. It is a personal challenge with oneself to reach the top and later relish the mesmerizing views from the peak. No doubt, mountain climbing is a tough task to perform during winter as you need to deal with several complications but in the end, it is definitely worth doing it!


It is a great activity to keep yourself physically fit as all your upper and lower body muscles are involved during mountain climbing. As well as the stamina, endurance, and muscle strength is boosted. Mountain Climbing significantly assists you in improving your self-esteem, mental agility, and self-awareness. It is one of the sensational activities that helps in unwinding yourself. Moreover, it sharpens your brain as mountain climbing requires mental concentration and focus. Lastly, while mountain climbing you get closer to nature and can admire the beautiful topography around you.


  1. Stanage Edge - England
  2. Portland - England
  3. Bowles Rock - England


Choose a route beforehand, and make sure to select a route which is comfortable, easy, and does not comprise of many obstacles. Pack according to the winter weather and get advice from a professional who has performed mountain climbing during the winter season.

4. Camping

With longer nights and shorter cold nights, it is an excellent idea to plan camping with your family or soulmate. Lit the fire and sit around it, sing your favorite songs and enjoy the cool winds blowing. Don't forget the warm coffee and marshmallows to roast.


Take a break from stressful life, social activities, the internet, smartphones and get closer to each other. Give each other quality time and hear out each other. Make beautiful memories. Camping provides you a calm and soothing atmosphere which helps you to relax significantly. Moreover, it helps to get closer to nature and learn about the unique flora and fauna.


  1. Mulino Pods, Derbyshire, England
  2. Blackberry Wood, East Sussex, England


Pack a warm sleeping bag, warm clothes, and a strong tent that can withstand cold breezes. Take along a suitable stove that functions efficiently during winter weather. Moreover, take along coffee to prepare hot coffee to keep yourself warm. You do not need to carry water as you can easily defrost ice to water using the stove.

5. Short-term bicycle tours

Rejuvenate yourself by planning a short-term bicycle tour with your friends or family. Explore the routes and places you always desired to visit without getting tired or exhausted.


Short term bicycle tours allow you to plan other activities during your vacations and most of these tours last for 5 to 6 days. It is a unique activity that is great for your physical and mental well-being. It lets you discover new places, routes and about their culture and tradition.


  1. 3 days Welsh Borders Cycle Tour
  2. 6 days Lon Las Cymru Mid Wales Tour


Make sure you are physically fit to perform cycling for 3 to 6 days with short breaks at various spots. Carry some money to purchase food and water when needed. Carry a small backpack with a large water bottle to keep yourself properly hydrated throughout the period. Get your cycle examined properly to avoid any kind of inconvenience during the tour, and lastly, make sure to wear all the safety accessories like a helmet, knee pads, etc.

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