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Summer Car Travelling: The Must-Have Items for You

Aug 31, 2020, 9:05 am / Brian Lageose

Are you excited to go on a road trip this summer? Well, it is that time of the year when families and friends plan exciting road trips to beautiful destinations. But without appropriate preparation and packing even the best trips can go topsy turvy.

And this is why we have compiled a list of all the must-have items for summer car traveling in your bag if you are headed on a summer trip.

Maintenance & Repair

1. User Manual- Keep your car manual handy as you may need it anytime during the travel. A light that is not switching off or a beep that doesn't stop can be fixed with the help of a manual.

2. Spare tire- Stepping out without an extra tire in your trunk is a big no no! Imagine getting stuck on the highway without any repair help around. Now that sounds scary, isn't it? So make sure that you have an extra tire and it is in good condition before you set out on the journey.

3. Duct Tape- In case you have to make any emergency repair a duct tape will be of great help to hold a thing in place. Having this versatile tape in your toolbox is a must as it can be used in several ways when there is no availability of any shops for many kilometers.

4. Toolkit- Carrying a toolkit tops the list when it comes to road travel. A toolkit will let you make small repairs and you don't have to be stuck waiting for help to arrive. Make sure that your kit has all the essential tools and it is in useable condition.

Driving & Safety

5. Night Vision System- One of the most important driving safety gadgets is the night vision system. You can opt for the Lanmodo Vast automotive night vision system which is one of the best in the lot. Be it day or night this device is a must-have as it helps you to perceive the road clearly, all thanks to its high-resolution display. You can view the images of the road in 1080P on the large 8.2" screen.

The Lanmodo Vast night vision system captures a broad image of the road as it has a 36-degree wide viewing angle. Also, the vision of this device extends up to 300mt which is far beyond your car's headlight. In foggy weather, on rainy days, and during the night this device is your ultimate savior.

6. Warning Triangle- In the event of a breakdown a reflective warning triangle proves very useful. Thus, it is an essential in your car while setting out on road trips. It can be used to warn the other vehicles both during the day and night during any emergency.

7. First Aid Kit- One of the foremost things to get into your bag while setting out on a road trip is a first aid kit. A few bandages, antiseptic, and cotton can be used to do a temporary dressing, especially when the nearest town is 100 km away.

Comfort & Convenience

8. Sunglasses- Who likes to squint when the summer sun peeps through? No one, yeah. Carrying your favorite sunglasses is a great idea to beat the heat while going on a road trip. Flaunting your sunglasses for pictures is great too. Isn't it?

9. Map- Don't forget to carry a handy map on the road trip. Well, you won't find satellite signals everywhere, and hence, your GPS may not work. This is when road maps will come in handy. You can also download offline maps as an additional thing to guide you through the route in case you need help to reach the destination.

10. Travel Games- Well, road trips are incomplete without travel games. So don't forget to pack some fun and interesting games that you can enjoy with your family and friends on the way. Travel games are a great option to keep kids entertained if you are accompanied by them.

11. Tissues- Carry lots of them as you may not find all the places to be neat and clean. Tissues can come handy especially if you are traveling with young ones. They may want a hand wipe more often.


So here is a list of must-have essentials for your next road trip. These items will keep you safe, comfortable, and entertained throughout the journey and make your trip a fun-filled one.

We have tried to cover all the items that we deemed were necessary. You may make some more add-ons if you think you may be needing some more things.

Have a fun-filled trip and be safe!

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