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6 Road Trip Hacks Every Family Should Know

Jul 20, 2020, 10:01 am / Abigail Williams

If you're planning a road trip with the family, the concern is more about how to get there, than where you're going. You want to make sure that your journey is a happy and memorable one, with very little obstacles that you meet along the way. Here are some helpful hints we have road-tested ourselves that can ease some of the trials of a long travel with children.

Plan Your Trip to Avoid Detours and Rush Hours

It is always a great idea to plan your trip, so you can avoid getting stuck in traffic jams. Start early in the morning to make certain that you evade the rush hour and travel smoothly, while the roads are clear. Remember to check for ongoing constructions along the way, when you are researching for routes, because these can delay your trip by a number of hours.

Spend Quality Time with The Kids

Children feel happy when you give them your undivided attention and going on a family road trip is a great opportunity to spend quality time with them. Talk to them and tell them where you are going, give your answer, when they ask questions and give them time to communicate with you. You can also play with them and their toys (assuming that you are not behind the wheels).

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Don't forget to have a list of contact numbers of your family and friends, so you can call them in case of an emergency. Write the numbers on the road map that you've printed, if you do not have them on your smartphone. This information will be extremely useful, especially during accidents. You should also have a roadside emergency kit, with extra food and water and large ziploc bags, where you can put soiled clothing.

Take Advantage of Free and Reduced-Price Days

If you are going to a particular town, find out the date when they may have free or reduced pricing and make good use of the opportunities offered, by the town's attractions. Amusement parks with unifying settings and museums reduce their prices and there are also times that you are allowed free admission. You and the kids will be able to enjoy seeing and doing a lot of things in these places.

Use a Gas App to Save Money on the Road

Gas apps, such as the Gas Buddy allows you to make a search; based on the type of gas you need and then narrow down your results; according to brand, location and prices. The gas app also has additional features like restaurants, rest rooms, car washes, road trip guides, station reviews and money saving tips. Gas prices are very high, when you fill up at the station near the car rental facility (if you are taking a rental car on your long journey), so you better avoid it or you'll be paying $1.50/gallon more that you would have had to pay elsewhere.

Be More Careful When Driving at Night

When you drive at night for your road trip, it may add extra hazard and make you feel more stressful as it's very difficult to see in darkened surroundings with insufficient light and also very difficult to react quickly when you see the possible danger. Therefore you must be very careful and take all precautions.

One method of avoiding getting into an accident is using Lanmodo Vast. It is a device that is exceptionally good at providing night vision for safe driving, especially when your sight is impaired by lack of light. This car night vision device has a superior camera that can capture images even in low light surroundings. The images are then displayed on an 8.2" screen in full color and with 1080P high resolution. It has a viewing angle of 36 degrees and can capture images that are as far away as 300 meters (or about 1,000 feet!). Thus, when there is any obstruction, say an animal or human that suddenly appears in front of your car, you can react accordingly and prevent a mishap.

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