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How to Organize a Perfect Family Picnic?

Mar 11, 2019, 4:25 pm / Richard

The professional life is so demanding that we hardly get much time to spend with the family and that what makes life bit stressful and boring. But in the weekends if we want and plan in advance then a family picnic is possible in some nearby picnic spots. There are certain things that you need to take into consideration before stepping out for a picnic with family. Check out the below points to organize a perfect family picnic.

#1 Select the picnic time that suits for everyone

It may be the weekends which suits you but are the members of the family free to join you for the picnic. Discuss the same with your family and then fix the time which suits all or else you need to miss some one or the other back home which you will surely don't want.

#2 Choose an appropriate location

Once the date is fixed it's time now to decide the venue of the family picnic. It should be something which is not too far and not to close from your home. Discuss the same again with family and select the best spot where you will have a gala time together.

#3 Bring a picnic basket to pack various food and drink

For the food menu, you can ask the invitees for some advice as they have different taste and if you want to satisfy them then you need to have something or other for each and everyone. There is one tip from our side. You can bring good amount of cookies as they are popular dessert for picnic and people love munching it anytime and anywhere.

#4 Take a large picnic blanket

There is lot of picnic blankets in the market; most of them are suitable for 3-4 people to rest on. If you want a large picnic blanket for more than 4 people, here is one of good choice, just choose the Lanmodo Barra picnic blanket bag which is versatile, the bag can be used for holding things while the big size blanket is best for picnic. This multifunctional beach and picnic blanket bag suits for various outing activities such as beach day, hiking etc.. It is waterproof and easy to clean. What's more, it is handy and won't add any burden to your outdoor activities.

#5 Other things needed for the picnic

There are many other things that you will need to make the party happening and safe. Don't forget to carry a first aid box in case you or anyone is hurt, first aid treatment will be available with you. Take some OTC medicines for fever, cold, cough and sun screen. In case you want to relax well on the picnic blanket protecting you from the harsh sun rays then don't forget to take the Lanmodo car canopy with you if you already owned one. It is another wonderful product from Lanmodo which besides being a car protection cover can be a lovely beachside or fishing umbrella or a camping tent.

#6 Create fun games that anyone can attend

Going for picnic then having some entertaining fun games is always a must. So discuss with all what you all want to have. Add some small prizes for the winners as this will make the get together a more fun loving and enjoyable one. For kids if possible make arrangement for magic shows and for that you need to make booking in advance.

#7 Enjoy you all and take away the garbage

At the day end when you all will be returning back home don't forget to dispose the garbage you created in a safe manner. As responsible citizen it is our responsibility to keep the environment safe. You can also pack it in a big plastic and carry with you to add in your every day dustbin at home to clear the stuff next morning by garbage taker.

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