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What Should be Your Picnic Packing Checklist?

Jun 27, 2019, 2:43 pm / Evelyn Smith

It has been a very hectic weekend for you and you are definitely looking forward to the weekend coming up because you really want to relax and enjoy the free time properly. The options for you can be a whole lot of different activities depending on your mood. But it has been way too long since you went out to a nice spot just to unwind. You and I both know what it is—a really nice enjoyable picnic at your favorite beach or park, or whatever place you are thinking of right now. But here's the thing, a picnic is never enjoyable if not properly planned and the most important aspect of any picnic is planning for the stuff you want to take along.

Depending on who you are, the list of things you take with you will greatly vary. However, there are some things that are considered to absolutely essential no matter personal preferences you have. Some of these essentials may include:

1. Food and drinks: Whether you are looking to enjoy a nice homemade meal especially prepared for your outdoor adventure or you simply want to have an easy to have snack like a bag of crisps perhaps, you will definitely be packing some food. Same goes for drinks too and they could be anything ranging from a nice wine to some soft drinks or the obviously essential water.

2. Tableware: While this may be considered as an optional thing, most outdoor picnic plans are incomplete without tableware. Having a proper arrangement to enjoy your food can be a key difference in enjoying your picnic and dreading it.

3. Paper towels/wipes: Another essential, there is simply no chance of feeling relaxed if you are not able to clean up after yourself, be it after a meal or any other activity.

4. Camera/books etc.: This particular category is where all the variation lies. Depending on what your plan is, you can either have any of these items or a completely different inventory of items. Every person has their own preference and we would love to know what YOU pack for yourself when you go out for a picnic.

5. Picnic blanket: it is quite easy to say that a picnic would simply be incomplete without a good outdoor picnic blanket. Having this is probably the most essential thing when planning a picnic. The picnic blanket is what you end up on eventually, no matter where you go. Be it a beach or a park or a mountain top spot, having a good picnic blanket to sit on is absolutely essential.

We could say that this list covers everything but what about a carrying bag to hold all this stuff in. Having all these things can quickly become a big pain if you have to lug it all around in a bag. Given the amount of items you could end up taking for your picnic it would definitely be a big discomfort having to lug around all this stuff. We can all agree that in such a scenario, the ideal way for anyone would be to keep the inventory minimal, making it easier to carry. The picnic blanket is a particularly big item to carry and can feel very bothersome too if the number of other items are anything more than minimal.

There may however be a solution to this big problem and it actually comes in a very decently small package. The Lanmodo Barra picnic blanket bag is a solution to more than one problem! Not only is this an amazing soft blanket that provides ample sitting space, this smart piece of essential equipment can turn into a bag too! With multiple zipped pockets and an easy to wear design, the multifunctional Lanmodo Barra picnic blanket bag is the perfect solution for all your equipment hauling problems! Pack all your essentials in bag mode and simply take everything out when you reach the spot. Set everything up and then you and your whole family can relax on the more than ample space this blanket provides when fully expanded. With this outdoor picnic blanket, we think planning and going on a picnic could be an experience you could really look forward to! Let us know when you are getting yourself the Lanmodo Barra picnic blanket bag for your next picnic plan!

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