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Essential Tips for Moonlight Hiking

May 13, 2019, 6:29 pm / Abigail Williams

Maintaining a good and healthy system for living your life can be challenging when your day is packed with responsibilities, chores and whatnot. There is a lot to be accomplished during the day and many busy working bodies find it really hard to balance out their health, exercise and daily routines with all that. But hiking at night is different. When it comes to taking care of your health and keeping a check on your outdoor activities to help keep you fit; you have got to get into some innovative brainstorming.

Hiking is the most practical, attainable and inexpensive forms of exercise that you can utilize to the maximum for your own benefit. There are no drawbacks to hiking (maybe precautions to be taken) as compared to strenuous gym routines. Not to mention, you need no sort of coach or personal trainer for hiking and it in all actuality exercises every part of your body.

Benefits of Hiking At Night

Moonlight hiking, as it is commonly referred to, is basically the best version of hiking there is. Numerous conducted studies have concluded that hiking at night not only boosts digestion and metabolism but also is a great stress reliever.

It also makes for a great date night idea if you are feeling like during the day you are not finding enough time to spend with your significant other. With night hiking, you escape many of the troubles faced during daytime hiking. Some of them are; excessive heat, overcrowding, noise pollution…etc. During the night all these factors are reduced to a minimum or diminished completely.

Nighttime hiking can be enjoyable and advantageous; there are naturally precautions to be taken to ensure your safety and maximum enjoyment of this adventurous experience:

1. No Exploring

People who love the outdoors and love the idea of hiking make a habit of exploring new trails while they are hiking. And as much as that may be a unique, and inviting idea it is a prospect you should hold off from at night. Nighttime hiking has its downsides as well as advantages. Mostly due to the increased amount of darkness, it is easy to get lost.

2. No Lagging

As in the aforementioned point it is mentioned that you are more likely to lose your way at night than during the day. So if you are hiking with a group, do not lag behind too much. If you have to, ask 1-2 of them to wait for you. In that way you can find your way back to the group or get along with your hike easily.

3. A Friend

Taking someone along with you on your hike is way safer and more guaranteed for you. In this way you have an extra hand if you need assistance in anything. Moreover, two people hiking together always less suspicious than one lone individual walking on his/her own in the dark. Enjoy your time with your companion!

4. Pack Smartly

It is always a burden if excessive packing. For a short hiking, you no need to use a large bagpack to pack too much, a Lanmodo Barra bag is enough. It is handy, lightweight but multifunctional. Pack your water, towel, communication equipment on it. For your rest needed on the way, use the separable blanket to relax.

5. Proper Footwear

Hiking in the wrong size or fit shoes can make your leisure trip the most torturous thing in existence. Make sure you have the correct size shoes on and ensure their comfort beforehand.

6. Necessary Medicine

Items like mosquito repellent and a first aid kit have to be available whenever you go nighttime hiking. They are necessary and not optional items.

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