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Seven Awesome Things You Must Pack for a Perfect Summer Picnic

Apr 1, 2019, 1:34 pm /

Picnics are an all-time love of one and all. And what's the best time to go for one than on a warm, sunny day? Nevertheless, the perfect time for a summer picnic calls for perfect planning too. So before you go outdoors to have fun with your family or friends, make sure you have all the right accessories to help you unwind and relax after a hard work week.

Keep it simple, but prepare a little in advance to ensure that you have an exceptional outing experience. We have listed some awesome things and gears that you must take along to enjoy an amazing family time on the picnic this summer. Let's take a look.

1. Handy, waterproof picnic blanket bag

The first thing to carry is a convenient picnic blanket that could provide you a comfortable picnic experience. An outing requires the bare minimum at your end. Therefore, it is even better if you choose a two-in-one waterproof blanket that can be rolled into a carrying bag, such as Lanmodo Barra picnic blanket bag.

This multifunctional bag which can be used as both a picnic blanket and backpack is available with adjustable ropes that it onto your shoulders and make it easy to handle. It's a waterproof picnic blanket bag that can easily hold all your essential picnic supplies such as tissues, books, or water bottle. When you unfold it on the lawn, it is large enough for 5 people to rest on.

2. Small icebox and ice cubes

You've got your food and drinks packed in a container, but what about the cold food? Don't forget to keep an icebox to keep your cold food and drinks safe. Fit in as many ice cubes as required and let it keep the food like meat or cheese cold.

You cannot even let your favorite mayonnaise spread sandwich spoil like that. It really needs those ice packs tossed in with it.

3. Sunglasses and umbrella

Sunscreens are important to protect you from those harmful UV rays and the scorching heat. After all, you cannot risk the health of your skin. Yet, sunscreens can never make for what the actual shade can do. It is essential to carry an umbrella or simply a multifunctional car umbrella that can be instantly turned into a outdoor umbrella.

Also, make sure that your eyes are protected when you go out for fun in the sun. Take your goggles or sunglasses with you and keep your eyes from any kind of sun damage.

4. Salad and dessert

Depending on the number of people going for the picnic and the size of your icebox, pack foods like salads. It is something really important to eat, especially on a hot day. Besides, it is a grab-and-go kind of food that's easy to gobble.

Of course, you need something sweet to treat your taste buds later. So, add some fruits and cookies to your food vessel along with some homemade ice cream that everyone would love to have during a summer picnic day.

5. Music player and books

Of course, you have packed in your bag the essentials, including the food to enjoy. However, make your picnic a memorable one by adding to your blanket bag something extra to do. A solid bag such as Lanmodo multifunctional blanket bag helps you pack a Frisbee if you love playing that, or keep a music player to have a gala time at the beach or park.

For a soothing and peaceful time, pack your favorite book or two and have some quality time there.

6. First-aid kit

Regardless of if you are going for hiking or just for relaxing, carry a first aid kit among your essentials. Make sure your first aid kit has the basic necessities such as basic medications, bandages, and some necessary ointments. These things ensure that your picnic is comfortable and fun as well as safe.

7. Camera

We believe you will want to capture the wonderful time on the picnic. These are going to be memories for life, in the end. If your smartphone has an amazing camera, you're good. Or else, carry a camera to capture the fun moments in high quality.

The location that you choose for your picnic matters a great deal in how your experience will be. Apart from that, don't overburden yourself with things unnecessary. Keep your summer picnic light and chill out

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