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7 Wonderful Things to Do with Your Kids During Winter Vacation

Mar 13, 2019, 1:59 pm / Evelyn Smith

Be ready with all your winter gear, because the most exciting season of the year is here! The snow-capped mountains, the wintry mornings and chilling nights, everything covered in white, oh winter indeed makes you love to hate! As your kids also get a long vacation, why stay home and be bored doing nothing? Head out with your kids this winter vacation and do these 7 amazing things. Here's the list:

1. Play treasure hunt

Treasure hunt can be fun at a whole new level when you play it with your kids! You have the option to hide things at the nooks and corners of your house/backyard/store room and leave clues and hints to confuse the children, it is a great achievement when they finally find the hidden ‘treasure'! Make it as creative as possible to keep your kids more engaged, and make sure the ‘lost' item is worth their search. It could be a game your kids has been waiting for a long, long time!

2. Go museum tour

A fascinating place that both children and adults find interesting is undoubtedly a museum, curious children especially love museums. In historical museum, we learn stories of the past; in natural museum, we understand the development of plants; in art museum, we can appreciate the masterpieces and feel beauty. Whatever you want to know, just go to the museums. Museum is a must-see place during winters.

3. Head out for a picnic

Winters can be harsh, but pleasant at the same time. Go out for a picnic with your kids on one warm afternoon. We are sure you would agree that picnics are one of the best family activities. You can play games like Ludo, badminton and volleyball and pack homemade food for a sumptuous lunch. This is an amazing plan to have a great time with your close ones, under the peeping sun on a winter afternoon! You can take the Lanmodo outdoor umbrella to provide protection to your family. It contains two parts: a large umbrella and an adjustable stand, portable and east to install. With the umbrella, no worry about weather changes.

4. Do yard work together

Organizing the yard as a preparation for the coming spring can be fun! Involve your kids in snow cleaning and you will see how doing things together improves family relationship. Put on great music, throw around snow, and your children and you can have the best time while working together. Don't forget the goal of completing the yard work though!

5. Play with snow

Playing with snow is by far the best activities to do during winters, and children simply love it. Help your kids make a snowman and then dress it up, go ice-skating, make snow balls and throw at each other, build a snow castle; there is simply so much to do when it comes to snow!

6. Sip tea in the garden and watch snow

Winters also bring peace. Sometimes you can just sit with your kids in the snow-covered garden, take a sip of some homemade tea and watch the snowfall. To protect yourself and the kids against snowfall, you can quickly set up the portable and convenient Lanmodo yard umbrella.

7. Volunteer for your community

  1. Give away old clothes, especially winter wear, your kids' toys, your cosmetic items that you don't need now, to people who need them the most. Take your kids along when you visit orphanages and old age homes. Instill this good habit in them when they're so small. It will only make them humbler.
  2. In animals shelters, the pets are always in search of human interaction, and in need to feel socially acceptable and loved. Take your children to one such local animal shelter, and we are sure they'd want to keep going back.
  3. Donate old books which your kids don't use anymore to children homes. This in turn will cultivate the habit of reading in the young kids living there.
  4. Take your kids along and go for a walk with the senior citizens living in your community. Know each other's stories, have a good chat and it'll surely be a walk worth remembering!

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