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Travel in USA: 3 Fantastic Road Trip Routes You Can't Miss

Nov 7, 2019, 10:13 am / Evelyn Smith

There is nothing more satisfying and revitalizing than planning a self-driving road trip with your friends and family in the USA. We are here to let you know the three fantastic road trip routes make your trip more memorable and sensational.

1. Blue Ridge Parkway

This route is well-known for being America's favorite driveway. The Blue Ridge Parkway meanders for about 469 miles. During the way, you will perceive awe-inspiring and astonishing views of the Blue Ridge mountains, forests, hiking trails, picnic spots, campgrounds, and various landscapes that are used for keeping and feeding the cattle and sheep. Throughout the year this route is open, however, due to snow and ice certain areas may be closed to avoid any kind of mishaps.

2. Dalton Highway, Alaska

Want some thrill in life? Then we dare you to take this remote route, measuring the distance of about 414 miles, from Livengood to Deadhorse. This driveway has only three very small towns. No gas stations, restaurants, motels, or rest stops can be seen from the town of Coldfoot to the end of road Deadhorse. But on the bright side, you can have some time alone, in the quietness of wind and the snow-covered mountains. It is one of the world's northernmost road end and people define their experience as the ultimate road trip.

3. Million Dollar Highway

Million Dollar Highway in Colorado permits you to experience numerous fascinating magnificent sceneries along the way. The highway has a distance of about 25 miles. But these 25 miles will offer you with a spectacular drive which you will always remember. You may experience steep cliffs, narrow lands, many S-shaped hairpin curves, and no guardrails, hence it is advised to drive carefully. Stop at various breathtaking stops and enjoy the view. It is one of the tourist's favorite places to visit and spend a day there.

Road Trip Preparation

1. Car

Proper inspection of the car. Before you hit the road get your car checked by an experienced mechanic. You can examine it yourself too. Make sure that oil and coolant levels are sufficient for the trip and there is no kind of leakage issue. Don't forget to check the brake fluids. Inspect the working condition of your vehicle lights as they play a significant role in low light intensity conditions. Test the wipers to avoid any kind of inconvenience in rainy weather. Check the air pressure in tires and make sure that the tires are in perfect condition as you need to travel for hours and hours. Also, go through the battery condition.

Prepare tools kit. Carry along a spare properly inflated tire in the car's trunk. Assemble all the important tools and hardware required to make any kind of repair in the vehicle. The flashlight, jumper cables, fix-a-flat, screwdrivers, wrenches, extra fuses, etc are all important equipment that can come in handy in case of a breakdown.

Consider the driver assistance systems. Make your long drive easier and safer by getting your hands on reliable driver assistance. Here are a few driver assistance systems that may be useful for your trip.

  1. Night vision systems like Lanmodo Vast assist substantially in perceiving clearer vision during low light intensity conditions and allows the driver to view up to 300m ahead of the vehicle. It provides the driver with full-color, 1080HD moving images even in foggy and rainy weather conditions. At an affordable price, this night vision system can be mounted to 99% of the car models. Buying such devices enhances your driving experience.
  2. During your road trip, you may encounter many mountains which you would be required to drive through. The hill descent control would help your car to move at a steady speed while cruising down a hill or on very rough terrain. It doesn't allow the driver to exceed a certain speed limit and if a driver crosses the safe speed limit while going down the hill or on uneven terrain, it automatically applies the brake so that your vehicle travels within the predetermined speed limit.
  3. Long drives can be tiresome and can lead to a driver being drowsy, resulting in a dreadful accident. Driver drowsiness detection is a car safety technology that learns the driver's pattern and can detect when a driver is becoming drowsy. Drowsiness can be easily detected by monitoring the steering pattern, the lane position of the vehicle, examining drivers' face/eye, or by physiological measurements.

2. Participants

Who will take part in the trip?- Take along friends or family who love to go on a self-driving trip and whom you like to bond with. They must be aware of the challenges which they might have to face while the journey. And it would be really great if a few of them can volunteer to drive some of the driveways.

What do you need to pack?- Pack all the essential items, like clothes, water, food supplies, map, mixed tape, various entertaining products, etc. Keep in mind that you need to sit in a car for an extended period, hence, it is advised to wear comfortable clothes. Carry some extra cash for emergency purposes.

Where to eat and accommodate?- Jot down the places you want to visit with your family or friends. Share the idea with them and listen to their point of view too. Finalize a list of must-visit places and restaurants. Find out the working hours of various places to avoid any kind of inconvenience. In case of a festival or popular place, it may be required to do booking beforehand.

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