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The Best Places to Visit in the USA

Jun 25, 2019, 1:52 pm / Lara

From gleaming big cities to the picturesque coastline, USA consists of numerous stupendous destinations, making it difficult to determine where to spend your vacation or road trips. So, if you are looking to hike in mountains of Massachusetts or swim at a black-sand beach in Hawaii, we have a list of most spectacular, astounding places in the USA, that you must perceive once in your lifetime.


If you love to explore distinct caves then, Alabama is the perfect destination for you. Alabama is known as a caving hotspot. It's one of the highest density cave areas in the USA, consisting two-thirds of the state's cave. Unfortunately, Alabama consists of several wild caves, which can not be visited. But don't worry, there are many captivating caves which are open to the public. Not only these caves are rich in natural beauty but they also hold historical significance, as many of the caves were used by the ancient residents of America.


The state of Alaska is so vast that it can be easily divided into five regions. There are many exhilarating activities that you can do. Among those activities, dog sledding is one of the most stimulating activity. Many tour companies would take you at the top of the glacier via helicopter. Thus, giving you an opportunity to perceive magnificent views from the helicopter. After reaching the top, you will find excited dogs ready for the journey. Furthermore, you can drive and control the sled if you want to, or sit at the back and unwind yourself in breathtaking views, and awe-inspiring glaciers surrounding you.


Arizona is a sunny state, permitting you to explore the rich culture and numerous incredible and remarkable terrain. The Grand Canyon is one of the natural attractions which greatly attracts tourists. The ultimate way to beat the heat is to camp lakeside and relish the best water activities. There are numerous lakes and breathtaking swimming holes to beat the heat. However, you may be required to do some hot hiking to reach the desired location.


The state is full of world-famous cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. There are several refreshing National Parks, sophisticated restaurants and mind-blowing landscapes. The state consists of various cultures and diverse landscapes ranging from beaches to mountains, vineyards to deserts. With seamless roads, affordable gas and numerous tempting destinations, no wonder why many tourists love to go on a road trip in California. Self-driving on the Pacific Coast Highway assist greatly in relieving the stress away and helps to rejuvenate. So start the engine and prepare for the most memorable journey of your lifetime.


This state has plenty of activities for people who have an interest in nature, history, and culture. Here you can dig for diamonds, float down a river, or hit the trail on the wild side. If you are an individual who has great enthusiasm for unique, finest quality rocks. Dig-your-own quartz sites in Arkansas, allow you to do day digging and discover quartz. Diamonds State Park is the only diamond-producing place in the world, that allows the public to search for diamonds and most significantly, whatever you can keep whatever you discover!


Massachusetts is well known for its extensive range of activities it offers to tourists. Choose whatever you like to do from the tourist attractions that range from antique shopping to rock climbing to slithering through a water park. Here you will not only discover historic landmarks but will also find fashion as new as tomorrow in Boston. Hike through the historic landscapes surrounded by trees and look over the deep, blue lakes. Each hike will give you a remarkable and memorable experience. Enjoy the magnificent view of the state from great heights by hiking amusing hiking spots like Moore State Park, Blue Hills Reservation, Lookout Rock and many more!


If you are looking for a place with an amazing climate, unique customs and culture, and exceptionally beautiful beaches, Hawaii is the right place for you. Hawaii is a marvelous destination to plan your vacation. The picturesque beaches attract tourists greatly. You can take a break from the daily hustle and bustle of life, and relish the golden sand, calm water, palm trees and thrilling water activities like swimming, skim boarding, body surfing, parasailing, and snorkeling.

Safe Travelling Tips

While enjoying the vacation, you should keep you and your companion safe on the road and destination. Here are some useful tips for you:
  1. Stay away from private property. You are not allowed to camp on private land or beside the highway. The owner can get you arrested for using his property without permission. Moreover, many places require permits which are very difficult to get. Hence, go to public beaches, marked trails and State or National Parks.
  2. Single women traveling alone is not safe. As a single woman entering into a bar or restaurant alone can be perceived as if she is seeking for a companion. Therefore, avoid going to places that make you uncomfortable.
  3. Plan where you will stay, as it is strictly prohibited to sleep in train stations or bus stations. You can conveniently find a motel room to stay and take rest, without making any reservation.
  4. Pickpocketing is very common in some areas. Thus, it is advised to keep your valuable items and important documents in different spots.
  5. Check if your car is working in proper condition to avoid any breakdown while your expedition. Mount some essential driving tools like Lanmodo Vast car night vision system, as this driving assistant device aids in detecting and alerting the driver of any animal, pedestrian, or any object ahead of you, especially at night driving when the road is dark for driver to see clearly. It also provides a clear, full color, high-resolution image even in rainy or foggy weather condition to keep you a safer drive along the road.

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